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Ideas for fall harvest party for kids

Are you intending to plan a great harvest party for your kids? Well that can be a fun way to celebrate the fall season with all its vibrancy. People usually celebrate the summer crop harvest while waiting for the winters to come. This has been a common practice for many hundreds of years. Also if you are not into spooky Halloween parties then planning a harvest party can be a fun alternative minus the scary factor.

Steps to plan fall harvest party

1. Choose a location

The most important factor that predetermines the success of a harvest party is the location. There are certain things that need to be well thought of before deciding on the location for hosting the party. These include the vastness of the area, the divisions around the location and many more things.

2. Prepare your guest list

Once you are sure about the space the next most important step is to prepare the guest list. This list should have every name that you are looking forward to inviting along with the chaperons. If you are planning to invite parents then make sure you call both the parents. This way they will definitely accept the invitation.

3. Sending out invitations

Mail out the invitations or you can even deliver them directly. Work out the theme well in advance so as to make the party a blast. The fall harvest party is incomplete without the seasonal games and activities in order to add a touch of fun. A variety of fall food and various fall decorations can be perfect too.

4. Decide on the menu

Serve the starters and hot beverages keeping in mind the dipping temperature. Refreshments are important so pick hot apple cider and crispy finger foods like candy corn crispy treats. There are various fall harvest themed party recipes that you can try adding to your menu.

5. Place your very own craft table

Craft table should have funky stuff – from the fall beaded earrings for the girls to other fancy items that even the boys can enjoy. Party organizers can easily get craft instructions through various online sites. Setting up some games can also be good for the boys.

6. Game setups

Games can include various candy prizes that will not just win the heart of players but will also make your setup a complete hit. Candy is an essential element linked to fall fun, so provide abundant candies throughout the party. You can also choose from some harvest themed party games.

7. Prepare your shopping list

After you have decided on the menu and the activities, the next most essential factor is to shop for the supplies. Decide on what you need and what can be skipped so as to derive a budget. Divide the shopping list in smaller parts so that you don’t miss out on any item. Check out the prices available across different stores and then shop accordingly. Go for deals that are the best.

With the party day coming closer, its best to stay organized and keep the list handy so that you can always cross check whether if you have missed out on anything that needs immediate attention.

8. Check the list of guests

Check for all RSVPs. Mark down who has responded after the invitation and who hasn’t. The ones who haven’t need an urgent call back so as to confirm whether if they will be present or not? If a guest asks for the addition of an extra member then quickly mark it up on your list so that you are fully prepared.

9. Check and confirm everything

Make sure you confirm everything from the location to the guests and even the minute basics like a donations of food, the rented articles etc. Everything that the party relies on should be confirmed much before so that replacements can be immediately made if their is a failure of any situation. This will also save you from any mess and any kind of embarrassing situation.

10. Party decorations on the day

Leave for the party locations at least two hours before the guest arrival time. This way you will be able to manage any last moment touch ups to the party. Use hay bales around the dance floor and you can even add these to the tables arranged for various contests. Use bunches of corn stalks across the standing lights. Use lighting strands all over, the seasonal ones can be particularly fun.

11. Its Party time

When the party starts just get into the fun mode and enjoy. Don’t look stressed or overworked. The more you enjoy, the more fun it will be for the guests attending your party.

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