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How to stop your child lying about homework

It is normal for a child to lie about homework. However, most of the parents find it a major crisis to deal with! When you ask them about any homework, your child simply says no, but later you find out that many assignments are not completed and there is also a test day after tomorrow. If the lying continues, it’ll certainly hamper his studies and might lead to other problems in future. Now the big question arises – how to make your child stop lying about homework and help him to complete all the tasks honestly? There are certain tips that can help you out in making your child honest and sincere. Have a look!

  • When it is a regular task, then the best thing that you can do is to get a planner. Give your child a daily planner and make him understand, how to write down all the homework and reports. The planner will help both the child and the parent to keep a track of all the work given and to complete the work in time. Tell your child to go through that planner every day to make sure that the child is using it properly.
  • The next thing that you can do is to verify that your child is really working on the planner, which means that all the assignment and homework are written down in a correct manner and have been completed on time. Only one person can help you with the verification is the teacher. On verifying all the work with your child’s teacher, you can easily find out when he/she is lying about work.
  • Teaching about honesty and its benefits can help the child in many ways. To create awareness about the right things you can spend time with your child and teach him about honesty. You can teach him about your views and expectation about honesty. That’s not all you can give him good valid reasons for being honest and tell him about all the benefits that can be gained with being honesty such as if you are honest, others will trust you more and you will have freedom.
  • Practice makes everything perfect so does the behavior of truth telling. Start practicing being honest with your child and you can do it by playing games like asking three questions to your child before he or she leaves for school. Now you know the answer to the two questions but your child doesn’t know which question it is so, the answer will reveal what’s going on. Always track the right answers and don’t forget to praise him for his truth speaking. If you find out he or she is lying then confront it, and re-teach the lessons.

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