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How to Help Someone with Suicidal Tendencies


Suicide can be nasty to deal with. It is a real trouble to the one going through the suicidal stress and tension. Many times we often tend to overlook the intentions of suicide in anyone and realize them only after it is too late. There are a few points jotted down to help you realize if anyone around you is undergoing such a pain, and what you, as a well-wisher, can do to conclude it.

The Red Flags:

mental stress

This is a common terminology for occurrences that directly point out toward the obvious, but we almost always tend to overlook them. There are a couple of signs that you must look out for in a person, that read ‘Suicide’ in bold.

  • An outgoing and talkative person suddenly becoming quiet
  • They start avoiding the things or activities they once liked doing
  • They cry at the drop of a hat, or don’t cry at all- there’s nothing In between
  • Immunity of such people hits the lowest bottom. They fall sick for no reason at all
  • There is loss of motivation, coupled with pessimism
  • Appetite is lost completely, or they hog away on food endlessly
  • Gaining or losing weight unhealthily is also one of the big signs that there is a storm of emotions going on within the person
  • Everything that is said to them or takes place around them is perceived in bad light
  • They almost always put themselves down and suffer from acute self-doubt and lack of self-belief

Such people are at a much higher risk of suicide even if they deny having such tendencies. They may not always discuss it with you, but will definitely look towards ending their lives as a last resort. Here is when you need to act accordingly and carefully so as to not worsen the situation further.

Allow them to talk:

them to talk

The best way to vent out anything that troubles anyone is to talk about it. The more they talk, the better are the chances of relaxing. Venting it out is healthy and important if you wish your loved one to recover from this condition soon. Lend them an ear and don’t interrupt them. Allow them to cry or do what they feel better with. Regular talking sessions like these will cause them to open up to you about their intentions too. Here is when the next step comes in.

Take their claims seriously:


Never mock what they say, and never take it lightly. They may talk about suicide like it’s not a concern. They may have a straight face while speaking of things which may gross you out.  Never assume it to be one of their jokes, for all you know they might just end up doing it.

Seek professional help for them:


There is nothing better than a professional counselor advising them through this difficult phase in life. You, being a close friend or family member, cannot do much in this regard since whatever you say or do will never be taken in true terms by your friend. Instead, allow a third person to deal with it. Refer them to a good counselor or psychologist that can talk to them out of it. Tag along in the entire process with them, physically. Opt for medications for them, if need be.

Look after yourself:


Don’t let yourself get lost in the bargain. Remember that you can help others only as long as you help yourself. It is quite normal to attract sadness and the mind-related ill effects quite easily. Take care to not fall prey to that yourself.

Committing suicide or any such self-harming ways is no solution to any problem. Our generation is more prone to such tendencies than the one that passed. This calls for us to be extra careful regarding this matter. Competition is on the rise and human emotions are being neglected. Social media complements this issue by showcasing the brighter side of others’ lives which causes people to believe that they are the only ones in misery.

True that not all phases of sadness are symptoms of depression, but most of them are. Look around for sad faces that hide behind impenetrable masks, and you may be able to save a life. Also, in case you fall for such intentions yourself, be wise and seek help. Suicide never was and never will be the ultimate solution.

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