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How to Comfort a Loved One Who Has Lost Their Job

Losing a job is a terrible thing to go through, and it can mean a lack of financial security and overwhelming worries about the future. If your family member or friend has recently become unemployed, help them cope through this hard time with these tips. Actively Listen, Don’t Tell If you’re looking for the right words to say, the answer might be to not say anything at all. Losing a job is a terrible thing to go through, and saying too much might only serve to bring your loved one down, no matter how wonderful your intention. Avoid telling them everything will be all right or that they’re not the only ones who have lost their job. It make light of their pain, and doesn’t allow them the room they’re allowed to grieve the loss. Losing a job threatens some scary potential consequences, and the fear that comes along with all of the “what-ifs” can’t be diminished with a candy-coated dismissal. Your comments will only seem to invalidate their concerns, and this may cause them to push you away. The most helpful thing you can do for your friend is to simply listen, and respond accordingly. Empathize their fears and pain by commenting on the terribleness of the situation, but don’t go overboard. They may simply need a friend to express their fears to—sometimes that is enough in itself. Another simple thing you can do is to just ask how you can help. They may need assistance with little things for the time being, or might ask you to help them with professional contacts.  Express your faith in their talents and remind them that they are valuable and worthy human beings; losing one job doesn’t lessen their ability to do amazing work. Help Them Search Out a New Position Networking is key in the business world, and if you have connections to people who might be able to help your loved one land on his or her feet, don’t hesitate to reach out. If their profession is out of your business realm, talk to family and friends, and if that offers no leads, hit the Internet pavement and scour listings on sites like or You can send links to positions you think they might like and forward on potential leads, but always check with them to ensure this is an effort they appreciate. Some who have just lost their job might need some time to decompress, so they may not be ready the week after to jump right back into the grind. Make sure you don’t badger them with questions about the job hunt. Instead, let them come to you with their concerns, questions, or updates. It can be discouraging to be asked questions you don’t have positive answers to. Allow Them to Grieve For many people, losing a job can be akin to a death, at least in the initial grieving stage of the ordeal. A loss of financial security and even their professional identity can leave a person reeling and unsure of how to proceed. Allow them to cry if they need to, allow them to get angry and upset, and stay with them beyond the initial days and weeks of unemployment. After losing a job, family and friends are quick to offer support, but as the weeks continue, the support tends to wane. Your loved one will need support for the long haul, and serving as a rock during their grieving process will help them get back onto their feet sooner. frustrated woman banging head against wall of office building Take Their Mind Off of the Issue Sometimes all we need is a bit of distraction. Unemployment presents a great deal of stress, and anything you can do to mitigate high levels of anxiety will be much appreciated. Whatever you decide to do, try to cut down on costs, as they will be concerned with money until they find their next position. Whether you invite them over for dinner and dessert (hint: surprise them with something chocolate, there’s no better time for this comforting indulgence), take them for a picnic in the park, or invite them on a coffee date where you pay for their cup of Joe, your efforts will truly be appreciated. Showing them that there is more to life beyond a job is a necessary step for many facing unemployment, and every bit of positivity you can inject back into their life will help them rebuild their confidence.   Article Submitted By Community writer]]>

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