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How Do You Know If Your Trowel Is Right For You?

Experience is always the best teacher. In buying products it is the same. You might find a soap you really like until you find out that comparatively, it doesn’t fare as well as other products. Trying out new things, comparing products against one another is not only natural, it should be encouraged. The more you do this the greater the chance and odds of you settling on a product that is perfect for you.

The more you work on jobs and projects, you will unknowingly create a list of what you want in a trowel, and when you find what you want, you stick with it.

So how do you find the right trowel based on the personal list you have created out of your experiences? There are three things you need to research and test.

Test its quality

Know If Your Trowel Is Right For You

You may not be able to test the quality in-store. This is something you can only judge by experience or research. If you have bought a trowel of the same brand and it wasn’t the best product, go online and double check if your trowel was a bad batch or not. Online reviews are tricky to navigate. Negative reviews will always help you find them online. However genuine positive reviews could just be a good marketing strategy. Sometimes it is best to sift the negative reviews and see if their issues are your issues are similar. If they are, most likely it’s an issue of quality.

If you had no prior experience, then match word of mouth with online reviews. It is best to match the personal experience of someone you know with a Nela plastering trowel against that of a stranger.

Test its weight

What you can test in-store are the tactile qualities of the trowel. Take the Nela trowel in hand and feel its weight. Try making high and low sweeping motions to test how it feels in different positions. If it tugs at one point or feels unbalanced in a way, move on.

A comfortable trowel weight differs from person to person. So, it might not be an issue with the producer and more with the fact that you and the specific product just doesn’t fit.

Test its grip

Know If Your Trowel Is Right For You

Since plastering is long work, having tools you are comfortable with is a must. With your Nela trowels and other plastering tools, try to see how well it fits into your hand. How does the grip feel? If the size is too small or if there are ridges you don’t like, do not assume that it will not be an issue in the long run.

With this in mind, go and find the trowel that’s best for you!

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