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Horrific murder incidents where children were the perpetrators

<![CDATA[There was a time when nobody could even imagine children committing heinous crimes such as murdering someone. However, in today’s time, such a thing has become commonplace because a number of cases have come to light wherein children have indulged themselves in brutal murders.

Whenever such a case surfaces, it brings with itself a fair share of arguments and discussions, as to from where children develop this sort of mentality and what should be the correct punishment for them, as after all they are children. Here is a rundown on such children across the globe who are guilty of brutal murders.

Sajal Barui

Sajal Barui is a 15-year-old boy of Indian origin who murdered his own family. The boy murdered his father, stepmother and brother. The year was 1993, and he was 15 year old at that time. After the murders, he and his friends washed the weapons and placed them on the dining table.

They ate some biscuits and left some coins on the table, as a payment for the snacks. He stayed back alone with his dead family the entire night while his friends left for their homes. The next morning, he called his neighbors and informed them, and cooked up a story in front of police. However, after police questioning, he confessed his crime.

Jordan Brown

Image Source : ChargerBulletin.Com

Jordan Brown is a boy who murdered his father’s pregnant fiancée when he was just 11. It was a brutal murder wherein he fired 26-year-old Kenzie Houk at the back of her head killing her and the unborn child. It is a highly disturbing case of jealousy that made Jordan commit this heinous crime. Investigations have proved that Jordan was extremely jealous of the unborn child and his jealousy compelled him to take such a big and unforgivable step.

Amarjeet Sada

Image Source : I2.Wp.Com

He is referred as the world’s youngest serial killer who murdered three infants at the age of eight. Born in 1998 in a poor family of Bihar, India, Amarjeet Sada murdered his six-month-old cousin in the year 2006. Soon after, he murdered an 8-month-old girl who happened to be his real sister. Once again, this serial killer managed to murder a 6-month-old girl in his neighborhood in 2007. He was arrested and when investigated, he accepted all his murders with real pride, as if he does not even know what it is to murder somebody.

It is really shocking and disturbing to hear of brutal murders, especially when children commit them. Nobody can tell how, when, and why innocent minds of children get filed with such horrific ideas.]]>

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