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HomeKit accessories and options that go stunningly well with your smart home

Expanding the network of gadgets in your smart home is quite challenging. We have some superb HomeKit accessory options, any smart homeowner would want to install at least one form the list.

ConnectSense Smart Outlet

This smart wall outlet from Grid Connect will increase the functions of your regular wall outlet into many folds. Apart from two sockets the outlet has a USB port and a built in ZigBee antenna.

One would be able control devices connected to the outlet by giving verbal command through their iPhones’ Siri to the outlet which is Wi-Fi enabled as well. The user will also receive notifications on their phones from the ConnectSense Smart outlet.

Insteon Hub

We think that the very first thing to know about the Insteon hub is that it accepts voice commands from the Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. The user will also get a freedom choose Homekit products from other companies.

The Insteon HomeKit uses the combination of wireless and powerline networking known as dual-band communication technology. The Insteon hub is responsible for connectivity between the Insteon network at home and the home Wi-Fi, this would help you in connecting to the Insteon devices at home.

Lutron’s Caseta lighting controls

The in-wall dimmers and plug-in lamp modules by Caseta can be controlled by voice commands from the Apple Siri. Also, the motorized window shades from Lutron’s Serena series would accept voice commands. The user is able to specify “rooms” and “zones” in the HomeKit, this would give the liberty to a user to control a particular light of any room in any zone of the home.

There are other features like being able to control the brightness of any light in the system and it can be connected to the Nest and Honeywell thermostat. The package includes two remotes, two plug-in dimmer modules and a smart bridge.

Elgato Eve

The Eve from Elgato will help the user monitor his home using his iPod, iPad and iPhone. Using the Eve app the user will get all the essential information of his home like the temperature, air pressure, humidity, energy and water consumed and also the air quality.

All the information is gathered using high quality sensors and Bluetooth technology. As it is compatible with the Apple HomeKit, all the gadgets attached to the system could be controlled by the Siri’s voice commands. The user can switch on and off devices easily with just a tap on the phone. The user will also be able to know the status of the doors and windows at home.

Ecobee3 smart Wi-Fi thermostat

The user has the liberty to control this thermostat from a PC, iOS or an Android device. To connect to these devices the thermostat is capable of using the home Wi-Fi. This smart thermostat monitors the use of heating and cooling, has an inbuilt sensor for heating or cooling rooms outside the range of the thermostat and a cool touch screen display on the device will allow the user to tune it.

Almost all stage 1 and 2 HVAC systems work with the Ecobee3 smart thermostat. The heating and cooling are adjusted by learning whether any one is present in the home through the help of motion sensing.

Gadgets and home networks are getting smarter by the day. In the race to be the number one, companies come up with new products soon. The consumer ought to stay up to date to choose the appropriate gadget for his smart home.


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