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Things to know about home schooling

Home schooling is a method where kids learn out of interest and curiosity and not to please the adults in power. It is to provide an educational program to an individual outside of established schools or any other educational institution. It is one of most rapidly growing trends in education in the United States.

How did it start?

It is not known when exactly it was started. Flipping the pages of history, we notice that almost all the great rulers like Alexander The Great and the royal class kids were home schooled. It was said that public schools were failing and will continue to fail since it does not deliver a satisfactory quality of education.

Is it the right choice?

”Why to home school when public schools are available?” This must be the question lingering in your mind. Well, home is the most effective place where one learns the basic lessons of life – truth, honor, self-control, self-respect, the value of education, virtue, honest work and the purpose and privilege of life. There is no other place other than home in nurturing and teaching children.

The environment

The most decisive element to a successful home schooling is the ambiance that is conducive to learning. The environment may differ but the result would be the same, i.e. kids would enjoy learning. It is up to the parents how creatively they prepare it for their kids. The corners of learning may have quiet and cozy reading space, bookshelves crammed with great books, a listening corner with headphones and bean bags, and a number of activity books. So there it is, you get the idea! Creating such a space makes learning fun.

Why is it better?

The primary reason is dissatisfaction from public education system. Other reasons include:

  1. Being able to impart knowledge on various beliefs and morals

  2. Physically safer environment to learn in

  3. Personal attention and one to one interaction

  4. Higher academic records

  5. Discipline which a public school lacks

  6. Prevention from the negative peer pressure

  7. Considerably higher levels of exposure

  8. Developing strong bonds of parent-child relationship

Parental tips

It needs a lot of commitment, time, focus, patience and dedication to home school a child. It takes 2 to 3 hours on a daily basis to devote to your child’s curriculum. It is a hard work and a big responsibility providing home education to your children. It is ultimately you who is responsible for the child, and not any other person or organization. It is an extremely large responsibility and should not be taken carelessly and lightly.


  1. School’s aim is to mint money so that the business keeps running. On the other hand, they are producing mere slaves for the workforce. Home schooling creates unique individuals who fulfill their talents, expectations and potentials with determination.

  2. Balanced learning which helps a child focused and interested in what so ever he/she is learning. It gives your child to learn at his/her own pace.

  3. There is time and schedule flexibility. A child is not confined to the academic calendar. Scheduling vacations and trips any time would not be a problem.

  4. Parents can control the academic curriculum according to the child’s learning capacity.

  5. Parents are secured about the kind of education being provided to the child and the child will be under their guidance all the time.

  6. Custom and design the time table according to the needs of the child.

  7. Home schooled kids are less aggressive and are more tolerant.


  1. Home schooling would affect the family income as full time employment would be difficult.

  2. It is important to love your children and be ‘you’. If you cannot be yourself, your kids are better off in school.

  3. Big money is spent on family and since there are kids with you all the time, you will end up buying more and more books.

  4. Home schooling is time consuming, dynamic and intense. And of course if you fail, you have yourself to blame.

Number of people are opting for home education for their children. And if so, many people are doing it, then something is definitely right about it. Parents thinking of home schooling their children must think hard and do ample research before they take any decision.

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