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Hollywood turns to luxurious, eco-friendly trailers

It is a known fact that literally every Hollywood star out there has a dressing room trailer where he/she spends time while waiting for the next shoot. These trailers are considered as second homes for these actors, especially during outdoor schedules that can stretch for days or weeks.

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This is probably what fuelled the imagination of Andre Champagne and his team of professionals to introduce a new line of luxury trailers that would be eco-friendly as well. Called Hollywood Trucks, these trailers will feature state of the art amenities and would be fuelled completely by green power.

The trailers are part of the company’s EcoLuxe line that makes use of high end technology as well as a contemporary design to provide users with a one-of-a-kind trailer that is luxurious as well as environmentally friendly.

The Beta versions of these trailers are already being used by several Hollywood stars in their filming locations. Some of the A-list stars who have given thumbs up the trailer include Ben Affleck, Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt. In fact, Brad Pitt was first approached to test the EcoLuxe trailer. The trailer was showcased at the Make It Right Gala and was also tested by Bruno Mars, Sandra Bullock and Chris Rock.

Green Features of the Hollywood Trucks


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The Hollywood EcoLuxe trailers have solid green credentials. The trucks are fueled by thermal and solar panels while a biodiesel generator provides backup. The generator itself will use B20 biodiesel or ultra clean certified fuel. The 3-form countertops inside the trucks are made of recycled plastics while lighting solutions feature low voltage, energy efficient LED lights. A huge wrap around couch feature eco-friendly fabric and sits in front of mirrored walls that feature embedded flat screens.

The interiors are painted a bright white and blue in color while the use of Hehr privacy windows helps filter out UVA/UVB rays and keep the trailer cool at all times, irrespective of the weather outside. The truck’s eco-friendly features have already earned it a TRA certification. Another industry first happens to be the use of additional plug in facilities to help the trailer run virtually silent at below 30 decibels or so.

High End Tech Features of the Hollywood Trailer


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If you think that the Hollywood EcoLuxe trailer is all about eco-friendliness and nothing else, think again. The trailer also features some rather impressive technological features that would give any standard luxury trailer a run for its money. The more impressive of these features include a 72 inch Samsung 3D flat screen TV (energy efficient of course) that comes with 3D surround sound, wireless printers that come with an Apple iMac computer, Apple TV, Sony Playstation, DirecTV, HDTV, Nest Co2 detectors, smoke detectors and Apple Extreme high speed internet facility. All these components are wireless and can integrate with a smartphone for efficient control.

Different Models

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Of all the models offered by the line, the 43 foot long model with 5 wheels is the largest as well as the most luxurious one. All the trucks in the fleet also feature single, double and triple room trailers complete with in built wardrobes units and hair/makeup stations. Although used by A-list stars, the trailers are also available to the general public. One can choose to rent out the trailers on a weekly basis at a charge of approximately $1500-$2500.

These trailers have already set the benchmark for entertainment transportation by proving that luxury and eco-friendliness can be combined into one product. The trailers have already started making appearances in several states in the U.S., including California, Georgia and Mississippi.

Hollywood EcoLuxe is a brand new fleet of eco-friendly luxury trailers that combine high end luxury with environmental responsibility into a smashing product. The trailers are being used by several Hollywood stars and can also be rented out on a weekly basis.


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