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Highly-priced red and pink corals get U.N. ‘trade regulations’ to prevent over-exploitation

red and pink corals get U.N. 'trade regulations'


Illegal trading, political powers, poorly defined restrictions have robbed the planet of most of its wealth, leaving nearly no region pristine – be it forest, poles or thousands of miles under the darkness of the seas.

Then why be surprised by the over-exploitations of the colorful, bright and eventually the highly-priced sea corals that can make business worth millions of dollars!

The red and pink corals are prized as jewelry for 5,000 years and are harvested in the Mediterranean and Western Pacific regions, making huge money out of it.

What comes as a big blow to them, but as a big relief to the conservationists and environmentalists is that trading of these already wiping out and majorly devastated corals will be restricted.

Hope this initiative by the countries at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species will effectively help the species recover from their decades-long drastic over-exploitation.

Jewelries like necklaces made from these red and pink corals — collectively known as Corallium — can cost up to $20,000! It is a price tag that obviously can lure illegal trading and markets to boom without efforts.

But, this new initiative, if equipped with proper regulations and stringent supervisions, will surely help the much prized corals from becoming threatened with extinction.


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