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Healthy choices for snack box

Healthy choices for snack box

Active children are busy attending school, extra classes, sports and many such activities. While it is good to learn and participate in such events, it is also essential to take care of their health and particularly about their food. Healthy eating is important not only for their health but also for brain development and better concentration.

Busy parents often find it difficult to spend long hours in preparing meals and snacks. Hence they need quick alternatives but care should be taken to avoid junk or fast food just because you need to save time. There are many healthy options that you can choose from and yet save on your precious time and energy.

Tips for you

Apart from getting healthy snack ideas it is also important to encourage children to follow healthy eating habits at home and when out. Basic rules like cleaning the hands before eating, sitting in one place and concentrating while eating and finishing the food in the given time need to be introduced early in their lives. Regular breakfast items like stuffed rolls, cutlets, etc can always be a very good option for snack boxes.

Some of the quick and healthy food options to use in snack box are

  • Fruits and vegetables – They are the best option and fresh fruits can be sliced or cut into pieces. Vegetables can be given as carrot sticks, cucumber rings, tomatoes slices, etc. Potatoes and sweet potatoes can be baked or boiled.
  • Dry fruits – Nuts, almonds, dates, and raisins can be given. Fruit and nut nutritional bars also offer good nutrition.
  • Sandwiches– Vegetable sandwiches can be a great choice especially for a long snack break. Fresh vegetables can be used or toasted with or without cheese. Prefer using whole grain bread and use different fillings and varieties of bread to make it interesting. Using corns, mushrooms, soya, cottage cheese, grated carrots, along with other vegetables can be considered. Other stuffing can include egg, tuna or chicken slices.
  • Beans and sprouts – Beans soaked overnight and boiled or baked with light seasonings can also be given. Sprouted grams, boiled or lightly sautéed are a healthy option too.
  • Drinks – Tetra packs of fruit juices, soy milk can also be opted especially when children are going out for physical activities like sports or dance.

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