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Catchword Businessman arranging small blocks with word "Brand" You are up for starting up your own product chain or a company, and more than anything else it is getting hang of a catchy name is what haunts you the most. Almost everybody finds deciding a name for their brand or a product to be a daunting task. Catchword is such organization based in Oakland that has become a reliable name for many big and small companies on a lookout for a name. Hardworking and expert team at Catchword comes up with unique and catchy names for their clients. Starbucks, Time Warner Cable, Wells Fargo and McDonald’s are some big names from Catchword’s client list. Super-Recognizers

Super-Recognizers (2)

Image Source : NyDailyNews.Com We all have seen and probably many of us are fans of the X-Men, Fantastic 4 and The Incredibles superhero groups. These all are virtual superheroes but Super-recognizers are a real superhero group. Under the leadership of Detective Chief Inspector Mike Neville, this group works for Scotland Yard. This super team shows its talent and worth whenever cops fail to identify suspects. When the members of Super-Recognizers are not at work, they are jailers, patrolmen and detectives in their normal lives. They watch CCTV footages for hours and come up with exact identifications, as all the members seem to have a god gift of recognizing faces. The Love Commandos

The Love Commandos

Image Source : DailyMail.Co.Uk Inter caste and inter religion marriages are still a taboo for some Indians. Marrying outside one’s social or religious circle brings them death in terms of honor killings by their parents or the khap panchayats in Northern India. A ray of hope and help for such couples who fall in love with someone of the other caste or religion is the Love Commandos. An organization founded back in 2010 by Sanjoy Sachdev, Love Commandos work for the safety of people who marry outside their caste or religion. As of now, they have helped 40,000 couples and are still working hard to uproot evils like honor killings. There are some organizations, groups and individual people across the globe who lend a helping hand by offering unusual services. ]]>


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