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Grey squirrels, sparrow-hawks threatening songbird population alarmingly

a songbird nest

Next time you hear a songbird, it may not be singing to their fulfillment, but crying aloud to convey their being endangered!

Yes, endangered. The grey squirrels, which love to sport with the eggs and young of the songbird population of United Kingdom, are joining in with the feral cats to lead a nuisance, devastating the regions’ native birds.

Known to be the biggest predator of farmland birds, the squirrels are found to be raiding down 93 percent of small bird nests for both their eggs and young, eventually disrupting their breeding totally.

This is creating a loss of more than eight out of 10 adult birds, which is really alarming and worrisome!
If this goes on, the songbird population may soon disappear for the country.

To add to the devastation the feral sparrow-hawks join in to the attack.

Conducting this study, Professor Roy Brown, Visiting Professor in Biological and Chemical Sciences at Birbeck, University of London said,

Many factors have been blamed for the decline in our songbirds in recent years. The debate about raptors has raised the issue of predation but mammal predation had largely been overlooked.

Taking it with a pinch of spice, the hedgehog, fox, mink, weasel, and the badger seems to be not in mood to spare the songbirds.

The worst part of the cats’ and grey squirrels’ attacks are their range over habitats from treetops to ground level.


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