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Green Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Keep Note of

Adopting green business practices is so popular these days. As per the latest research it has been established that customers are ready to pay 25 to 40 percent extra for a product that follows green and environmental friendly practices. Here in this article we have covered 6 numbers of popular “Go Green” practices that a business can safely adopt to increase profitability and in effect save the precious environment from ill effects.

  • Always use environment friendly packaging materials for your products and mention it on the label as well. This will ensure that customers are well informed about your intentions to go green. You can choose from a number of environmental friendly packaging materials available nowadays.
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps in place of regular incandescent bulbs to decrease your energy requirements. Use dimmers or motion sensing lights in your office so that they are lit only when somebody is present in the room or workplace. You will be amazed to know that if you incorporate these simple practices then you can virtually cut your energy requirements by half and save lots of money on bills.
  • Always remember to switch off electronic equipments and devices when leaving office especially on weekends. In idling or standby mode also these machines consume a lot of power. You can just choose to hibernate and switch off your computer systems if you do not wish to shut them down so that you have the choice to resume your work as and when required. Also please note that laptop/mobile phone chargers consume significant amount of power when they are left in the power socket without any charging process taking place. Switch them off as soon as you are done with charging.
  • Make your office a paperless workplace by using more of electronic communications methods such as emailing, messaging and web conferencing. Install and use a printer that can do double side printing so that less paper is consumed on each printing task. Use of electronic fax in place of conventional paper based fax has also been found to be an effective practice to save paper and trees.
  • Encourage your employees to take part in car-pooling when they commute to office. Employees can also use their bicycles instead of car when commuting to office. This will not only make them physically fit but will save a lot of gas in return. Encourage this practice by giving your employees rewards in the form of prizes or cash.
  • Allow other healthy practices such as telecommuting and work from home. Just think of the amount of energy saved if each employee works from home at least one day in week. This practice not only saves of gas bills but also has been found beneficial in increasing employee’s productivity.

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