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Green building ideas that make modern homes better

Green building ideas

With growing living needs troubling the eco system, it is wise for people to explore alternate building methods to construct their homes. The idea is to build a house without causing much stress on the environment. The technological development ensures that these houses do not compromise on quality, durability and the level of comfort of the residents. Here let us have a look at some of green building ideas for modern homes.


A green and shady place around the house simply enhances the ambience of any house. The foliage around the houses purifies the air and acts as natural ventilators for the house, letting in cool air from outside. In addition, the open space around the houses also lets the water into the soil, thus helping in maintaining the necessary underground water level. The other advantage of landscaping is that it will attract hosts of birds to your dwelling, thus creating a completely delightful atmosphere around your house.

Build small buildings

Your house should reflect your needs and not your ego. This simply translates into building houses that reflect your tastes and requirements. Abstain from building lavish houses. Not only the living space in such houses remains unused, but such houses tend to be more wasteful in energy consumption as well.

The ecological cost of building lavish houses is also huge, as they use precious natural resources in form of sand, cement, steel and wood that put undue pressure on our eco system. Even if you have big building space, keep the space around the house free to let the kids play and relax in the open.

Use eco-friendly building materials

There is a range of eco-friendly building material like bamboo and fly ash bricks that you can use in the house to make it environmentally sustainable. Use terra cotta and slate tiles to roof your house, instead of the steel sheets. This will help in creating insulation between the inner and other temperatures.

Try plastering the outer walls of the house with mud. This is another way of creating natural environment around your house. Abstain from using oil paints, instead try natural colors or water colors. Also, try ecologically sustainable linoleum and cork made flooring options.

Conserve water

It is quiet easy to make your house self-sustainable in terms of water. All you need to do is create a water-sealed reservoir near your house and link it with pipe from the roof to channel the water down to it. This water is just right for your gardening and outdoor washing needs. If making a tank is not possible, you can store the rainwater in drums scattered vacant around your house.

Focus on energy efficient building techniques

New innovative methods of building will help in reducing your energy consumption. Rattrap building technique is one of them, which arranges bricks in a manner that it leaves an empty space in the middle.

This process helps in heat and sound insulation in the house. If you are living in hot regions, you must plants trees on the southern and western face of the house, so that the sunlight remains at bay. If you are living in cold regions, build large windows facing these directions.

Make use of solar light

The advancements in solar lights have really come of age. It is not only bettering, but also getting cheaper as well. Solar equipment helps us harness solar energy for our heating, cooling and lighting purposes. Therefore, it becomes essential to make solar light equipment a part of your house to ensure a sustainable lifestyle.

Nowadays, we have several green building techniques that not only safe and sustainable living space, but also help in sustaining the environment.

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