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Give your floors a new look with these interesting flooring ideas

Choosing the right type of flooring material is very important. The floors of the house have to be installed properly and it must be ensured that they are durable. The traditional and classical flooring look does go well with any theme or concept. However, you can still give your flooring a new look with these creative and interesting flooring ideas. Let us check out a few ideas that you can use to convert your classic flooring look into a new and trendy ones.

Puzzle floors for the kids room

Puzzle floors for the kids roomImage Source :

Decorating a child’s room is a lot of fun. It is also one of the easiest places to design once you have a theme in mind. One of the unusual flooring ideas 2018 that you can use is opting for wooden puzzle pieces as a flooring material. These decorative large-sized pieces not only uplift the room, but also bring in an interesting twist in the overall theme and concept.

Brick and Tile – a combination of flooring ideas

If you are looking for unique flooring ideas for your house with the traditional touch, then this one will work for you. The brick and tile combination idea is another beautiful concept that you can opt for. In this idea, you can choose any kind of tile that you like and combine it with regular bricks. This option is perfect for the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the basement. Just ensure that the floor is sealed properly to prevent the porous formation.

Patchwork floor materials

Are you looking for interesting flooring ideas that you can do by yourself? Why not opt for the patchwork-flooring concept? This idea is perfect for the dining area or in the living room. You can use a variety of materials and flooring designs to bring in the patchwork finish.  If you are on a budget, you can even get this finish by simply placing a patchwork rug or carpet on you wooden floors.

Stained and textured wood flooring

textured wood flooringInstead of going for the same old wooden flooring, you can bring in a small twist. Stained and textured wooden flooring are one of the most interesting flooring ideas you can find. These floors are highly functional and at the same time serve as a decorative piece. Moreover, these types of floorings can blend in easily with any other concept if you ever want to make any changes.

Stencil art wooden floors

Stencil art flooring ideas on a budget is one of the fast-catching concepts that many homeowners opt for. Stencil art wooden floors have an element of style as they come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. One of the good things about stencil art is that you can create them by yourself to save money. It also allows you the flexibility of designing your current flooring without having to make any big changes.

Timber and tile combination flooring

Another unique flooring idea is the combination of timber and tiles. Just like the brick and tile combination, you can decorate your floors by going for the mix and match concept. Since wooden flooring is versatile, you can easily combine it with any colored tile and come up with interesting flooring ideas for your house.

Leather finish flooring

Leather finish flooringThe recent trends in flooring have seen the introduction of some unique flooring materials. Leather finish floors are one of the interesting flooring ideas that have hit the market. Although these sorts of flooring are a little expensive, they often give you a good grip and can sustain rough and tough use. If you do not have a high budget, you can get hold of second hand or old leather belts and get yourself a new leather finished floor.

Contrasting flooring ideas

One of the most unusual flooring ideas 2018 brings to the table; contrasting floors are surely different from the rest. With contrasting flooring ideas, you can go all out to bring in a unique change. While opting for such flooring materials, choose colors that will go well with any other theme or concept in the future.

Map flooring materials

For people who love to travel and are looking for flooring ideas on a budget; the map flooring idea is a good option. You can easily bring out the love you bear for travel right at your doorstep. There are different types of map flooring available in the market. Moreover, they come with various colors, styles, and designs to suit your needs.

Innovative and interesting flooring ideas with concrete motif’s

We have all seen how concrete motifs make a perfect addition to the walls and ceilings. Well, now you can use the same concept for our floors. These motifs make a perfect option to decorate your floors and come in various shapes, designs, and sizes.  In fact, they are so versatile that you can also get the painted in various colors.

Artistic and playful tiles

Artistic-and-playful-tiles.Image Source :

The artistic and playful look is one of the unique flooring ideas for your house you can use. Through this form of flooring, you can give your floors its own identity and uniqueness. While working with artistic and playful flooring, it is important to choose the right color combination and theme. This way, your floors will have a good finish and blend in smoothly with the overall look of the room.

Scrabble inspired flooring ideas

Do you love playing word games? Do you plan to have a fun zone in your house? Do you want to give your kids’ room a different change? Well, scrabble inspired floors are one of the most interesting flooring ideas you can consider in that scenario. Inspired from the world’s most favorite word game, the scrabble flooring has a simple and unique look. This type of flooring can transform a small space into something very different.

Stained concrete flooring ideas

The reason why the stained concrete floors are considered as one of the unusual flooring ideas 2018 is because of the way they look. The beauty about stained flooring is that you can get a very different look from one tile to another. Moreover, these sorts of flooring also act like a decorative item. This way, you do not have to spend too much on decorating any space. These floors can also help to uplift and transform any space where they are installed.

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