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Give camping the edge with solar powered tents

You probably might have heard about ‘glamping’, as it is getting quite popular these days. Enthusiasts are using all sorts of hi-tech and designer equipment for ‘glamorous camping’ or ‘glamping’. Solar-powered tents have become an addition to the glamping world for being stylish and innovative at the same time.

The green grass tent

Camping is an excuse to get close to nature. You feel closer in the arms of nature when your equipment blends in the ambience. As the name suggests the green grass tent bears an image of the green grass all over on its exteriors. It’s not just the colorful image that makes it special, the technology that it carries along is exceptional as well. A solar panel that comes with the tent, is mounted on its back. You can charge your devices with the energy stored by the panel.

The log print tent

In the same series as the green grass tents, are these log print ones. This tent has a splendid digital print of the rustic logs all over. Wooden logs are admired for being a remarkable element of nature. The shape and size of this tent is identical to the green grass tent, both these tents are large enough to accommodate four people. Powering your devices and getting illumination for the dark hours is done with the aid of the solar panel.

Cinch tent

The tent is the brainchild of Jake Jackson, an avid camper, who was unhappy by the run of the mill tents. He designed a spacious and a comfortable tent, different variants of which can house two, three and four people. The LED lighting is a part and parcel of the Cinch the solar panel is optional. We think that it should be opted for, as a small battery that comes along keeps charging during the day and would help in lighting and charging of devices at night.

Orange solar tent

This is the coolest one here, with several features unique to it. If you are away from your tent at night, you can simply send an SMS or use the RIFD technology to locate it, the tent would glow to make it visible. This tent has been created by using a special solar fabric that would capture the sun’s energy. Using the principles of magnetic induction, you would be able to charge smart phones and devices wirelessly, through wireless charging pouches.

You get to charge your gizmos and gadgets in the lap of nature, utilizing clean, renewable energy inside these tents. These solar powered tents feature stylish designs and functionality at the same time.


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