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Getting a grasp on the rude behavior of your tween

rude behavior of your tween

It comes as a shock when your otherwise mellow and sweet tween starts behaving in a rude way, making faces when you order her, rolling her eyes, and sometimes talking back in an angry tone. Well, there is nothing to be shocked about as it is normal and happens with every tween.Actually, the hormones start bringing in these changes, and television and peer pressure are some other factors that start governing your tween’s behavior that you feel is impolite.

A phase that soon goes away, but yes, parents do require some skills to deal with this awkward situation well. All you parents dealing with such a situation can make use of the following tips that help parents deal with impolite children in a fruitful way.

Be prepared

Parents should be prepared for this sort of behavior from their kids because adolescence brings itself a fair share of rebellious and disrespectful behavior. Rather than feeling sad and depressed, you should be up and doing to think of ways that can help pass this phase smoothly for you and your kid altogether. If once your child behaves in a rude manner then be prepared that it will happen again and make a plan that you will use the next time you confront same situation.

Be a little stern

An impolite child needs all support and love of a parent to come out of this disturbing phase but parents also need to be a little strict and they should not be like friends with their kids all the time. You have to strike a balance between friendliness and some strictness, so that your child gets your message well and starts behaving in a polite manner.

Make rules

When a child becomes impolite and you think is not behaving in a respectful manner, it is time when you make new rules and ensure that your child clearly understand those new rules. Sometimes parents complain that their child just does not listen to them and disrespects them. Tweens quite often behave in this manner but parents should not feel distressed and should think of ways to make their child learn all the goodness and leave disrespectful behavior.

Hold your child accountable for his words

When a child talks back or indulges in some other disrespectful behavior, some parents instead of making the child realize his mistake start empathizing that they understand their child’s anger and it is their disheartenment responsible for their disrespectful manner. Understanding your child’s feelings is good but in this case, parents must teach their children that their talking and yelling back is not okay, and no matter how angry they are, they should never behave in such manner to their parents, come what may.

Avoid power struggles

Disrespectful behavior coming from kids is truly frustrating and so annoying that some parents lose their calm and enter into a struggling and a fighting mode with their kid. Well, this is the worst thing parents can do, as it means parents falling to the same level of their kid, which can never control a kid rather will make him more furious. So as a parent you are supposed to maintain your calm and deal with the situation being mature and influencing.

When a tween become disrespectful, rude, and rebellious, the situation demands parents to be calm and careful because their impatience and aggression can worsen the situation. This phase comes in every parent’s life and only those manage to pass through this phase smoothly who manage their temper and deal with this situation in a skillful manner.

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