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Get the warm and lively red look for your kitchen

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Is the red theme suitable for the kitchen?

Whenever we are trying to decorate, most of us shy away from bright colors. You will notice that one is always reaching for the pastel shades to play it safe. Colors like red, orange, purple and so on seldom find a place on our walls and furnitures. But all that is fast changing, brighter colors have found their way into our rooms, and that too, in style! What basically works in favor of neutral colors is that they are safe, and with brighter colors it is very easy to go all wrong. But if used in a subtle manner, the bright colors like red can liven up any room in a jiffy!

The kitchen is one of the most neglected places in the house in terms of decor. It is not displayed to guests as the drawing room is, but does it not deserve some special attention on your part? Why make it a dull, messy place that you would hate to step into? Why not adda zing to the kitchen by doing up a decor using a bold color theme, why not give the red look for your kitchen? You don’t have to be an expert interior designer to get this look right. Just keep some basics in mind and you are all set to go!

Contrary to popular perceptions, the red themed look is also extremely versatile, as it can suit every taste and style sense. Its not only for those who are quirky and cold. If you are the homely and lively kind, then you can choose a lovely warm cottage style red kitchen, while if you prefer clean lines and elegance, then go for the sleek, minimalist red kitchen.

How to achieve the look?

Paint: This is the primary factor that comes into play if you are remodeling your kitchen from scratch. While choosing the paint, make sure you just do not buy a shade of red and paint all the walls in that color. That is going to look disastrous. If you go for a red painted wall then paint just a single wall and offset it by painting the other walls in colors like white, off-white, beige and so on.

Large appliances: If you have not been able to get the desired red color on the walls, and then don’t fret, you can still have a lively red-themed kitchen. All you need to do is buy some appliances in red. Large appliances are synonymous to the statement pieces of your drawing room; they play the same role in the kitchen. A red-colored large appliance, like a chimney, a fridge or an oven can add drama to the interiors. If you have a wall in red, make sure that the shades complement each other.

Small appliances: You might think them to be insignificant but they can make or mar the look. If you have an awesome red kitchen designed in a red and white combo and then you place a black or blue mixer grinder on the shelf, the whole effect will go haywire. This does not mean that you insist on buying everything in red. Just ensure that the appliances are not in a jarring loud color. If their color complements the wall or cabinet colors, that is a bonus.

Fabrics: Fabrics will include items like curtains, napkins, towels, oven covers and so on and they will need to be chosen with care. For choosing the perfect fabrics you could go in a bi-color combination like red and white gingham ones or red and white polka dotted ones. You can also go with other printed versions, which have red fruits like strawberries, apples and even red chili peppers printed on them.

Dish pattern: While going for monochromatic red colored plates and dishes might not be a good idea, you can go with prints of roosters, fruits and so on. The Copeland’s Spode Tower dish print is quite a favorite.

Walls: simplicity is the key word here. Do not paint all your walls in red and expect it to look good. Do just one or two walls in red. Instead of going for a mundane red painted wall, you could add some drama by opting for special effects created in red paint, like leaves, a mosaic effect and so on!

Accents: Dishes, appliances, and fabrics all collectively come under this category. When you are shopping for these, make sure you have the entire look in your mind. If you have rooster themed dishes with apple printed curtains and strawberries on your napkins, it really won’t be a good idea. Instead make sure that individual items have a broad theme and all of them come together to create a wonderful look for your kitchen.

Flooring: If you go for an unconventional red floor of the brick tile or checkerboard type, then balance it with neutral walls.

Tips to help you get the red look right

Red is a color that might make your kitchen look smaller if you use it too generously so make sure you balance it out with neutral colors. White is a huge favorite but remember it will need maintenance.

Don’t use another strong color in combination with red, it will create a loud distasteful look.

Appliances, cabinets, and accessories play an important role in creating this look so attention to detail means just about everything!

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