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Get the look:Christmas color schemes to decorate your holiday season

christmas color schemes

The Theme

Color play vital role in decorating the home interiors, especially when the festive season is in the air. Since, Christmas is the upcoming event it’s the right time to choose the shade theme for the season. Though colors like white, red and green are the traditional and favorite choices for Christmas colors, but any shade can change the entire decoration of your living space. The bright shades evokes strong emotions and the right colors choice for is more important than the items chosen for decorations. Unlike the old days that were locked up with limited colors, we have few ideas and combination to make the decoration go lively.
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The Look

1) Red and White

Red and white is one of the favorite and traditional choice for Christmas colors that goes together. This bold color combination never goes old, and always marks a style statement in your décor. This season you can try different shades of red with other color combination. Make use of this combination on your walls, for decoration, or for decorating dining tables. Shades like deep, rich burgundy or wine works well against dark green foliage.

2) All White

White is the everlasting shade that marks it sophistication and elegance. It is a shade associated with the winters, and since Christmas is the winter occasion, it’s just the right shade to get indoors. Using white for Christmas decoration lights up dark corners of winter rooms. Decorating white on white marks a statement of elegance and timeless beauty.

3) Gold and White

White can be used with other shade combination, and the best combi goes with the gold. Gold works in a different way, but many prefer its richness and the warm glow it produces. This angelic combination gives a heavenly atmosphere to your décor with its warm and bright look. White and gold decoration combination creates an inviting ambiance in your décor.

4) Blue, White and Silver

Silver is another shade that adds sparkle to both blue and white. The beautiful combination of three shades not only captures the essence of winter, but also enhances the interiors with their looks. You can use blue and white ornaments in combination with silver tinsel for a soft, subtle look.

5) Green, Brown and Gold
I you are looking for a rustic shade, you can combine green, brown and gold together for your decoration. Brown is associated with the outdoors and so it gives a very natural look to the entire decoration. Antique, rustic inspired ornaments will work best in this color scheme.

6) Red and Green
Both the colors are indeed the colors of Christmas. Being the traditional colors, they can be mixed with many different shades of red and green. Try using the shades in different combination for decoration.

7) Green and White
Green and white is yet another shade you can choose as a theme for the decoration. A white walls with some accents in green makes a great combination to attract crowds.

Quick tips

There are other few color combination that you can try your hands on and play with your creativity.

• Bright Purple, Blue, and Green.

• Icy Blue, Lilac, and Silver.

• Yellow gold, silver and copper together gives a luxurious look.

• Sage Green, Ivory, and Pewter.

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