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Get to know the sleeping pattern of your child

Many kids face trouble while sleeping. Having a good night’s sleep if you have a newborn baby in your house is nearly impossible. Some tips, however, can help get the sufficient amount of sleep for both you and your child.

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The most difficult task is to get a newborn to sleep through the night. For a new born, sleep is most essential for their body development. Hence, you will find a new born sleeping for most parts of the day.Babies get tired easily; hence do not be worried if your baby sleeps a bit more than the average.

Mostly, babies fall asleep when they are well-fed. Moreover, the activities the baby does throughout the day determine the hours of sleep it has in the night. After the baby is 6 months old, it sleeps for 13 hours daily with small naps of 20 minutes in the day. Generally, if the baby sleeps for longer hours in the first half of the year, then you can expect it to sleep more in the later half too.

The sleeping schedule of every baby is different and hence, it is the parents who can schedule it well to get that stretch sleep in the night. For example, if you find your baby sleeps longer in the night if he is awake in the day with a couple of short naps, then try to schedule the baby’s activities in similar ways. Keeping the baby awake in the day by playing with him or engaging him in activities can help him to be tired and sleep well in the night.

Many a times, babies get up in the night because their bed gets wet. So, changing the diaper just before the baby sleeps is important. Feeding the baby before sleep can also stop hunger from awaking the baby.

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A toddler sleeps for 11-12 hours a day with an average of two naps a day. Toddlers are conscious enough to mention if they need sleep or if there is something obstructing them from sleep.

Preschoolers need about 11 hours of sleep throughout the night. The habit of taking naps is given up after the child turns five. However, it is advised to give the child some sleep in the afternoon, keeping a track of his schedule.


A child has varying hours of sleep depending on his routine and activities. The sleep pattern is subjective and needs to be observed, and taken care of by the parents.


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