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Germany gets a new 8-Point Plan to cap greenhouses gas emissions by 40% within 2020

Plan to cap greenhouses gas emissions


Now it’s the turn for Germany to go ‘green’. To cap its irreversible emissions of greenhouses gases into the air, the country’s German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel has come up with an eight-point plan. As par the new plan, the country’s authority targets a cut in climate-change-triggering emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2020!

Ah! This pledge is just double the amount the European Union claimed in March. It was during that time, the EU leaders said that they will be increase the required cuts to 30%, only if other larger emitters did the just the same.

The eight-point plan includes —

1. Increase in the use of energy efficiency to cut current electricity consumption by around 11%;

2. Modernizing power stations;

3. Increase in the share of renewables in producing electricity to 27%;

4. Increase the use of combined heat and power;

5. Improve the energy efficiency of building;

6. Use of more renewable energies for heating;

7. Increase in the efficiency of transportation and the use of biofuels to 17%; and

8. Reduce the non-CO2 greenhouse gas-emissions like that of methane.

May the points in the list be a few more, or a few less, what is needed for successful execution of the plan, is having a organized and rigorous focus on the required activities to meet the greenhouse gas-emission capping target.

Picture Credit: greencarcongress

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