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Eight geeky curtains to brighten up your decor

Geeky curtains

Curtains are one of the most important objects of any house’s decor, and with their sheer presence, tell a lot about the one who put them there. So what happens when the one owning the house is a geek? Well, the curtains turn out to be geeky too. Here are some of the most geeky options for those who would love to show off their personalities through these draperies:

1. Pi Shower Curtain

Pi Shower Curtain

The non repeating and non terminating value of pie is beautifully printed on this vinyl curtain which makes your shower a very informative experience. This partially see through curtain contains about 4600 digits of pie which assemble to form the famous symbol.

2. ASCII Curtains

ASCII Curtains

Looking at this curtain, you can be assured that geekiness has no boundaries. This nerdy piece of drape has a tree motif which is made from codes, everything handmade. If you wanna show the world your love for codes, without being weird, this one is for you.

3. Geeky Space Invader Shower Curtain

Geeky Space Invader Shower Curtain

Geeky, cute and absolutely adorable, this shower curtain is all you need to complete your space invader fantasy. A great way to have fun in your shower, this curtain surely adds to your bathroom’s beauty.

4. Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

If you’ve loved chemistry, then you’ve got a friend. This shower curtain is neat, clean and comes with vibrantly colored tables of all elements so far. The curtain measures 71 inches and is made of Vinyl or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate for the chemistry geek in you. Hanging majestically in your bathroom, chemistry was never this close.

5. Magnetic Curtain

Magnetic Curtain

Although not in production right now, this curtain certainly needs mention, if only to create an awe. This one has small magnets and components in it, so that it remains in the shape, you put it. Pull it, stretch it or simply crumble it, the curtain won’t move from that position and of course, you can experiment with various designs.

6. iShower Curtain

iShower Curtain

For all the Mac geeks out there, here is something interesting, a shower curtain that has famous ipod commercials imitated in the most colorful backgrounds. If you’ve loved these adverts, you’ll love this curtain too.

7. Horror Movie Shower Curtain

Horror Movie Shower Curtain

Unleash the prankster in you and let them see your darker side with the horror movie shower curtain, which is sure to start off laughs, screams and more pranks at your home. The shower curtain is almost 6 feet wide and long and is made of pure polyester. This easy to hang curtain comes with built in hooks that makes things simpler for you and you can enjoy having fun without any hard work involved.

8. Vibrant Curtains

Vibrant Curtains

This beautiful curtain is more of a DIY project and everyone can make it. Made from a number of 35 mm camera slides, this curtain evokes memories and uses up those slides which are collecting dust somewhere in the storeroom. A perfect way to use up old stuff and makes something incredible out of it, this curtain can be made in your own home.

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