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Eight easy and economical ideas to decorate your bedroom


Bedroom of your home is the most important room in your house. It is a place where you can relax and feel comfortable and snug. Your bed room is not just about colors and the bedding you use it has to be a place where you can show your personal style and your creations. It need not cost you a fortune to make your bedroom look stunningly beautiful. Here are some ideas to make your bedroom look amazingly beautiful:

1. Add a Stunning Headboard

This is an easy and cheap way to begin with. If your bed does not have any headboard, why not give your bed an illusion of one. Buy wooden poles and brackets same as the width of your bed. Put the pole behind your bed at the height of the headboard. Now hang beautiful curtains, blanket or a quilt.

2. Repaint your New Furniture

If your bedroom furniture is old and wearing then the easiest way is to repaint them. Get a primer which is water based and looks and feels like white paint. First put this primer then get some glossy paint of your choice and paint it. It will give your bedroom a new and comforting look.

3. Add a Fake Fireplace

Building a fake fireplace in your bedroom will add charm to your bedroom. An electric fireplace inside a decorative mantle looks stunning. These fireplaces run on standard 110v electricity and come with an automatic shut-off command.

4. Put in Rocking Chairs

You can go searching for and find low cost rocking chairs in plastic or wood for your bedroom and the paint them the same way like your furniture. Flea market is the best place to get these chairs.

5. Get Rugs and Bedside Mats

Rugs are a good way to spruce up your bedroom, especially if they are put in front of your fireplace and on either side of the bed. It gives your room a classic look. You can also add bedside mats to get a warm and soft feel.

6. Add Sewing Window Treatments

By sewing a curtain to your bedroom window you can add a cool and creative look. The curtain should match your personal style. It can be opaque or light silk. It’s best to use thick silk ribbons to tie the curtains during the day.

7. Use a Canopy

This too is an easy option and looks amazing. Get a net fabric and a hook and hang it from the ceiling right over your bed. Now get two more hooks and put them on either side of the bed and let the fabric hang like a canopy.

8. Throw in some Faux Fur

It is as simple as that. Buy a faux fur and cover your bed with it giving your bed a stylish look. The fabric should cover your bed fully and need not be hemmed in from the side to give a natural look.

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