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Five tricky ways to make small spaces look larger

Making a small space look bigger is tricky. But it is also surprisingly easy to do. All you need to do is to follow a few basic tips and tricks.

White colors schemes

White is the most reflective color in the spectrum. A small room with white walls, white doors and windows and white furniture will look a lot bigger instantly to the beholder. An all-white small space is also easier to decorate since just a few bright accent pieces would make the small space look well decorated.

Natural daylight

A room flooded with natural daylight will always looks a lot bigger than a similarly sized room with no windows. If you can, replace small windows with larger ones. Skylights are also a good option if your small space has the roof directly over it.


A simple way to instantly boost the feeling of space in a small room is to add a mirror to its décor. A large mirror can also boost the light in a space. If your small space doesn’t get enough natural daylight, adding a mirror can improve the light in the room significantly.  However, installing a mirror right opposite a window could infuse too much light into the room so it would be better if you add the mirror to a wall adjacent to a window instead.

Visible floor space

Using furniture with tall, slim legs will help create the illusion of more space by making the floor visible. A visible floor will help you room look bigger instantly. This means that you should also avoid covering the space up with large carpets though small area rugs can be used for accenting. Also, you should try to get rid of all non-essential furniture and décor pieces in a small space to free floor space up. Instead, try decorating the walls in the room though restraint would again be the key to enhancing the space in the room.

Glass walls or large windows

Floor to ceiling glass walls or large windows will help a small space feel bigger during the day and at night. Adding hanging planters to the outside of these windows helps keep the interior space looking fresh and decorated without you having to actually use planters inside the space. To accentuate the feeling of extra space created by glass windows or walls, you should use blinds or window shades instead of voluminous drapes on them for privacy.


Decorating small spaces is always tricky. But if you follow a few basic tips, you can make your small space look larger yet well decorated too.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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