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Five common home security camera systems

In today’s world when criminal activities are increasing every day, people have become more concerned about the safety of their family, house and property and therefore, installing home security surveillance cameras have become one of the latest home security measures. Installing surveillance cameras around your house ensures the safety of your property and allows you to keep an eye in your house even when you are not home. However, for more effective results it is important for you to install a proper surveillance camera at a proper place. So, here is a list of five most effective surveillance cameras for ensuring your safety:

  • Bullet CCTV

A bullet CCTV surveillance camera can be mounted in a wall or a ceiling unit and is mainly designed for indoor application. Its thin, sleek and cylindrical shape has inspired to call it a bullet camera and it is also available in waterproof versions for outdoor applications. Although it doesn’t have the pan, tilt or zoom control system but it can be a good choice if you want images from any fixed area.

  • Low light camera

Low light cameras are generally black & white cameras that consist of a very large lens in order to capture images in low light. Some of the more expensive models of this camera can capture images in color during daytime and automatically switch to black and white during nighttime. It is perfect for outdoor application.

  • Vandal proof camera

Vandal proof cameras are designed as indestructible. It doesn’t have any exposed wires and its body is designed to be very tough in order to prevent getting damaged. It is perfect for installing in areas where vandalizing your property is predictable.

  • Discreet cameras

Discreet or hidden cameras can be installed anywhere in the house in the form of a smoke detector, a clock or even as a motion sensor device. If you want to keep an eye in your house without the knowledge of other people then installing hidden cameras is the perfect solution for you. It will keep on transmitting image to you in a discreet manner and some hidden cameras also consist of motion sensors which start transmitting videos or images as soon as it detects motion around the area.

  • Wireless color camera

Wireless color cameras are indoor cameras which allow you to watch a particular area conveniently. It consists of a wireless video transmitting system which displays the video of any particular area when connected to your TV or computer. It is a perfect device for keeping a constant eye on your property from a different location.


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