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Firewinder: Turning flowing wind into glowing delight!

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Most often we tend to focus so singularly on solar power that we often ignore wind energy and its vast potential. Many top researchers have already professed that energy harnessed from very high and consistent winds in the higher altitudes of the earth’s atmosphere could be sufficient to power the entire globe. Of course, getting the windmills up at that altitude and keeping them there is a designing challenge still not met. Though not as ambitious as projects like those, the delightful and diligent Firewinder is equally innovative and uses the power of the flowing wind to create visual wizardry.

Designed by Tom Lawton and dubbed as the “original windlight”, it uses a simple screw mechanism to spin around, creating the energy that it needs to illuminate the 14 bright LED lights that flank its edges. The shape is elegant, ergonomic and essentially an eye-catcher. It is the simplicity of the Firewinder that is its true advantage. It is easy to install, needs winds no more than 4-7 mph to operate and as the wind picks up speed, the LEDs start getting brighter. In a way, the device is a visual representation of how windy the day is.
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Firewinder is still patent pending, but it has huge potential as a commercial and domestic accessory that adds charm to a setting. Just imagine how many of these you could sell in Las Vegas, if marketed properly; “green” could very well be the future of Firewinder both ecologically and economically speaking!

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