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Famous celebs who fought tooth and nail with their addictions

<![CDATA[It’s not easy being a celebrity. You are being watched 24×7, judged, criticized and followed. In such a strenuous situation, its quiet obvious that you may fall prey to the various kinds of addiction evils that make you relieved and de-stressed. And it is not always that easy to save yourself and your career from getting destroyed out of prescription drugs, alcohol or cocaine. However, some of the most famous Hollywood men and women have been fortunate enough to recognize what their problem is and sought treatment for the same. Given below are five famous stories of celebrity rehab visit in an effort to have a better and productive life.

Zac Efron

Image Source : UsMagazine.Com

In 2003, the “teen idol” and heartthrob of millions, Zac Efron secretly moved to a rehab. The actor, at first kept silence on his visit to the rehab but later on went public with respect to the same issue on the famous show Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

On the show, Zac admitted that he had been finding himself under constant pressure and felt the need of a “social lubricant” to handle his fame and the media. Although he has been reported to suffer from alcohol abuse, some reports suggest that he went the rehab due to his cocaine addiction.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Image Source : Nyt.Com

One of the most talented and celebrated actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman, at the age of 45 was found dead inside the bathroom of an apartment. Winner of the Academy Award for the Best Actor role in Capote in 2005, Philip allegedly moved to a rehab first when he was just 22. The late actor revealed to 60 Minutes that this was while he was a student at the NY University.

After his visit to the treatment center, the actor managed to beat the pants off his alcohol and drug abuse. However, he resumed to his overuse of prescription drugs and heroine after 23 long years.

Eva Mendes

Image Source : TheHoopsNews.Com

The Training Day star Eva Mendes shocked her fans when she made a rehab stint at Utah’s Cirque Lodge, the same place where the famous actress Lindsay Lohan went for her treatment. It was really surprising to know that a star like Eva who has been known for her clean image has been to a treatment center that provides treatment against substance abuse.

Eva’s representative opened to her fans that the actress just wants some personal time out after a complete year of hard work and was feeling the need of some professional assistance.

Ben Affleck

Image Source : Cdnds.Net

Ben Affleck too made a rehab stint back in 2001 when he discovered signs of alcohol addiction. Ben’s publicist, David Pollick in one of his statements informed the public that Ben is actually conscious of his life and wants to live it alcohol free and for this he has decided to get professional help. Ben, then 29, moved to Promises in Malibu the rehab where Robert Downey Jr. and Paula Poundstone were being treated.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Image Source : HdWallPapersDesktop.Com

Catherine, in May 2013 voluntarily moved to a rehab for getting treated against her bipolar disorder that leads to unusual mood and energy swings. While speaking to the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine, the actress revealed that she had been suffering with the mental disorder since long.

Being an actor, it takes a lot of courage to accept the fact that you are suffering from a kind of addiction. These stories are indeed very inspiring and motivating for people who are battling their addictions.]]>


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