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7 Must Know Facts about Attachment Parenting  

Attachment Parenting a.k.a. AP, the modern form of parenting not only helps in understanding a child’s need better but also to ensure a balanced growth. Here are 8 must know facts about the contemporary parenting technique.

7 Things to Know About AP

AP is Based upon the 8 Principles of Parenting

Attachment parenting draws its approach from 8 basic principles. These are, ensure safe sleep, feed with love and respect, practice positive discipline, prepare for pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, provide nurturing touch, respond with sensitivity, strive for personal and family balance, and use consistent and loving care.

Encourages Positive Discipline

Spanking isn’t an acceptable discipline measure in attachment parenting because this parenting approach focuses on understanding the reason behind an undisciplined action performed by a child. AP involves positive disciplining that negates of giving harsher form of punishments such as spanking and use of a stick.

Focuses on Understanding Individual Needs of the Child

Attachment parenting tries to target individual needs of a child. This parenting approach make the best out of parenting for both the parent and the child. Typically, this approach covers a child’s infancy till it reaches adolescence. It helps the parent to be more accurate about the child’s need and make decisions that are nothing less than the best in her wellbeing.

It Is Natural Parenting

Modern parenting has become all about having an authority over children. This is usually “enforced” by using yelling and spanking, which is not the actual parenting. Attachment parenting is the most natural form of parenting as it focuses to understand the child, which is the most basic thing for building any human-to-human relationship.

It’s Not Only Limited to Mothers

A baby/child is most likely attached with her mother but that doesn’t mean that attachment parenting is only for mothers. Using attachment parenting, strong relationships with other close family members such as grandparents, aunts and uncles can also be formed. Besides, some cases demonstrate a child’s stronger attachment with other family members than her mother.

Reduced Risk of SIDS

Following key principles of attachment parenting, like breastfeeding or co-sleeping not only makes you more aware about the baby but is beneficial for several other reasons too. One such advantage is the reduced risk of SIDS.

What is Attachment Parenting

The approach of Attachment Parenting or AP was founded by educator and teacher Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker. Both agreed on the need to develop a parenting technique that addresses caregiver availability and family security.

Attachment Parenting helps in forming better parent-child relationship with mutual understanding. With AP, there is always a solution to any parenting problem.


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