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Factors to consider for mounting plantation shutters inside or outside

<![CDATA[Plantation shutters give a great look to windows. Of course, they are beneficial too. While it is up to individuals as to how they would want the plantation shutters on their windows, there are other factors too that should be taken into account while mounting the window shutters.

The plantation shutters can be mounted in two ways: inside or outside. While the owner of the house decides on whether he prefers the inside mount or outside mount, it is also necessary to take into account the window type and as to what is the purpose of the shutters. Let us look into each kind of mounts and then you can decide as to which mount to choose for your windows:

The inside mounts

As the name suggests, for the inside mount the plantation shutters are mounted inside the frame of the window. The main feature of this type of mount is that it offers a tailored look and is visually appealing.

Compared to outside mount, the shutters when mounted inside, does not provide much light. Thus it will also depend on which room you want the shutters to be mounted inside. Rooms such as living room, kitchen and dining room, where windows need to be visually appealing, the inside mount can be tried.

Inside mount depends on the depth of the window frame and also you should check the back space. It is best for square shaped windows.

Outside mount

Outside mounts are installed outside the window, on the window trim to be specific. Though plantation shutters when mounted outside do not give an aesthetic appeal to the room, but they do let in ample light.  Outside mounts are preferred when the window frame depth is not deep.

The advantage of outside mount is that there are no constraints here. You can choose it for any type of windows.  Outside mounts also work for irregular windows and this type of mount is preferred usually for those windows where inside mount cannot be installed.

The right decision

Now that you have a fair idea about the difference type of mounts, you can be clearer on what mount to choose for different rooms.  Whichever mount you chose, inside or outside, do give a thought to functionality and the purpose.

Summary Go for the appropriate mount after considering all ifs and whys of the mounts.  Plantation shutters are great option for your windows so proceed wisely and let your windows too feel the happiness of having plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are a great add-on to any type of windows and can be either mounted inside or outside, consider certain factors before the final decision.]]>


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