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<![CDATA[A Penthouse is different from other apartments in terms of its luxurious features. The idea of a Penthouse was created by the Americans in the early 1920’s. After this innovative idea did its rounds, the penthouse became a necessary feature in each and every building. A penthouse owner can enjoy the privilege of a separate roof terrace. The penthouse is the more expensive part than any other flats in the apartment as it is comes with a lot more amenities. Penthouses are expensive as it take ups an entire floor. Penthouses are one of the best examples of the progress made in the field of architecture. Initially, the penthouses were used to control the mechanics of the elevator, heating and cooling systems.

The penthouses in present times are always associated with luxury. The penthouse is built with all modern fittings. The resident is provided with a separate elevator for complete convenience. The dealer gives the option of a penthouse only to those who can afford it. Even now the reputed and luxurious hotels have a penthouse.

Following are some features one should check while buying a penthouse:

1.      Bedrooms:

There should be at least 3 bed rooms where 8 or more persons can be accommodated. There should be a Master bedroom with all modern amenities.

2.     Living room:

There should be an open plan for the living and the dining rooms. There should be a large entertainment deck.

3.    Try to buy double level penthouse:

Here one will get spacious rooms and one can do the interiors as per one’s individual tastes.

4.     There should be an open garden:

An open garden will give the feeling of openness and elegance to the owner, where any party, function or even loneliness can be behold of.




Below are listed some of the most expensive penthouses in the world:

  1. World’s most expensive Penthouse priced at  $ 305 million:
World’s most expensive Penthouse priced at  $ 305 million

This penthouse was bought by an anonymous Arab Sheik at $ 305 million. It’s a 2 storied penthouse, located in Monaco. It is complete with a library, an infinity pool, and a secure panic room with surveillance cameras, a private Theatre and each and every other luxury. The penthouse was designed by Candy and Candy from London. It has a romantic design and great lighting, artistic sculptures, excellent surroundings and ornamental plants.

2.   Luxury most expensive Penthouse in the world :

Luxury most expensive Penthouse in the world

The next most expensive penthouse is at One Hyde, London. It‘s priced at $ 240 million. This penthouse has 2 floors on the building La Belle Époque. The penthouse is of 5200 sq. m of area. It is divided into 3 suites. It has its own cinema, kitchen, dressing room and 2 bathrooms. It also has a library and a spa along with a beautiful garden.

3.The pent house Priced at  $ 220 million: 

The pent house Priced at  $ 220 million

London seems to be having some of the most expensive penthouses in the world. Monaco is considered to be the most expensive area in the housing market. This penthouse was sold for $ 220 million. It is a 3 bed room duplex pent house stretching 17500 sq. ft.  It has a double story library and vast roof terrace. The terrace is surrounded by 15 ft trees and an infinity pool. Just like any other good penthouse, it also has the luxury features of multiple cinema screens, dressing rooms, leisure rooms with a table for billiards, a Jacuzzi and a fabulous spa. A renovation costing more or less $ 40 million was done and some parts of the dining room was completed in platinum.

4.  The penthouse, London. Priced at $ 200 million:

The penthouse, London. Priced at $ 200 million

There is another penthouse in Hyde Park, London which has successfully made it to the top 5 list again. It has a bullet proof window, full time security guards, panic room, iris scanner and even a special passage, which built for the user to access the Mandarin Hotel. It also has a room for spa, wine tasting room and squash courts.

5.   Best Penthouse in Kempinski, Palm Jumeirah at AED  10,499,000 :

Best Penthouse in Kempinski, Palm Jumeirah at AED  10,499,000

This is one of the most marvelous penthouses located in Kempinski Palm Residence. The fabulous view of palm trees and the sea is visualized from the balcony of the pent house. There is also a special place for parking. There are separate rooms for maids as well. It stretches about 6000 square feet. The size of the kitchen is fantastic along with modern amenities, has spacious bedrooms and has dining option. It has a stylish layout with high windows and spacious living rooms. It has a private Jacuzzi for relaxation.

The penthouses can be compared to miniature palaces with all modern amenities. A Penthouse gives 5 star facilities which can include health clubs, steam and sauna room, spa, barbeque area, community area with lounge, fabulous garden, and area for shopping in the building and secured parking.]]>

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