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Emma Watson promotes the Green dresses

British performing artist Emma Watson has always been known to mesmerize people with her magnificence and style. Recently, she participated in Livia Firth’s design which was done in association with Green Carpet Challenge. These gowns were made in collaboration with different designers who made sure that the products are as green as possible. Ms Watson looked truly tasteful in her mannerisms and style for the photo shoot as the venture got shot by one of the biggest names in the industry. These gowns not only provided a classical and Victorian outlook, they are also made from fine materials and were carried out beautifully by the twenty three year old actress.

The different creators in the venture were Victoria Beckham, Christopher Kane, Roland and Erdem Mouret. Victoria Beckham gave her considerations besides on the environmentally friendly style and made sure that she was vocal enough about her interest in the venture and towards saving the planet. She proclaimed that it is because of a venture such as this that designers are getting to work with the best materials and eco friendly products in the world and this is the main headline for the entire project.

Emma proposes a green style

Emma Watson’s commitment in green style settled on her the top decision in showcasing the spread the cover of one of the most popular magazines in the world, The Edit magazine.  The actress said that she had always wanted to wear and model some kinds of apparel that has been crafted while keeping in mind the earth and how to protect its environment.

Emma further included that these kinds of projects can in effect make sure that governments and countries can realize the importance of the ecologically friendly and green products. People can get more involved in promoting such products that are made from materials which have been procured based on all moral guidelines.

Emma has been known to promote and conjoin with different brands that have previously made such products and she continues this trend by being very vocal about the benefits of the project. There might be fewer issues provided where people are truly aware of where and how things were made. Another great point that has been kept in mind while crafting these clothes and indeed, while gathering the resources for these products is that all kinds of labor laws have been adhered to and no underage manual labor has been utilized throughout manufacture.

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