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Educate your children about sexual abuse to keep them safe

Educate your children about sexual abuse

Those parents who think that that their kids can never be victims of child abuse must not close eyes to the facts the most of the child abusers all always close family members. They must understand the fact that they cannot always be there to rescue their kids. It may be difficult to talk to your kids but it is important to discuss things. Let us see how to go about it.

Collect the strength to talk to your kids

You cannot avoid talking face to face with your kids about child abuse. Find a perfect moment when you can have a word with your kids and enlighten them. Sit close to your child and hold their hands. Be prepared to answer questions and clear all the doubts as incomplete information may further confuse them. Use the word sexual abuse, as kids must know what you are talking about and what it is called.

Differentiate between good and a bad touch

The reason why you must hold hands with your kids while talking to them is to explain what is called a good touch. The way their mothers cuddle them, touch their shoulders or kiss them are example of good touch. Tell them and make sure they understand. You must now make them aware of the bad touch. Tell them that if someone touches them inappropriately they must let you know. Kids must know that kissing them on lips or touching their private parts or exposing private parts to them or touching the upper areas of thighs are bad touches. Inform them that that a bad touch makes them feel ashamed or uncomfortable. Kids should know that they have to right to say no if someone touches them inappropriately.

Build a trust

Those kids who are not close to their parents may find it hard to share their good and bad experiences with their parents. Parents must develop relationships of trust with their kids so that they do not hesitate to share their problems. It is good to be in control but it must not keep your kids from sharing details with you. After all the security of your kids is your prime responsibility.

Make it sound easy

You must not give the impression that this is something out of the world as that can also make kids feel uncomfortable about the issue. You may have to talk to them on regular time intervals and make it sound easy just as you guide them for millions of other things. This way they would find it easier to ask questions and clear their doubts. It is important to keep the information flowing and keep yourself informed about the developments in their lives.

Teach them to trust their inner selves

Ask your kids to listen to the inner voice, as it is never wrong. If they feel uncomfortable or feel that something is wrong, they must let you know about it. Kids must know that it does not matter the person who touches them appropriately is one of the family members. A bad touch is always a bad touch.

Makes sure they understand

There are chances that kids may forget that they ever discussed sexual abuse so make sure they understand thoroughly. Once you have explained everything to them, ask them to tell you the difference between a good and a bad touch. Tell them that they have a right to say no if someone tries to get too close to them.

Making your kids aware of sexual abuse is the first step towards their security. Parents must make regular inquiries about the latest development in their kid’s life and build a relationship of trust.

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