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Eco-Warriors gone wild

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On Tuesday, French climber Alain Robert, popularly known as “Spiderman,” climbed a 41-story Sydney tower with his bare hands, just to make the world aware about climate change. He was holding a banner promoting Greenpeace’s “One Hundred Months“. The main motive was to tell people that only 100 months are left to save the planet from global warming and certain steps should be taken.

We are part of the environment; we might not be the most important element, but still, it is beyond comprehension how we can go on destroying it. However, things are changing. It would not be wrong to call the present times the age of environmental extremists. People are thinking out of the box and are taking extreme steps to save the environment.

The wild and the green

According to Gaylord Nelson,

“Loads of chemicals and hazardous wastes have been introduced into the atmosphere that didn’t even exist in 1948. The environmental condition of the planet is far worse than it was 42 years ago.”

As the years are passing, our environment is getting worse every day. People are ready to do anything to make the world aware about the changing pattern of the climate. The melting of glaciers is a sign of global climate change. As predicted, by 2080 the Swiss glaciers will completely disappear due to increasing global warming. To make people aware of it, hundreds of naked people in 2007 formed a living sculpture on Switzerland’s Aletsc glacier to draw the attention of people against the shrinking glaciers in Switzerland.

On the eve of this year’s Environment Day, hundreds of people in New Zealand would freeze together for 5 minutes to show their unity to protect the environment.

People have set various examples as discussed above. Now the time has come to wake up from our sleeps and to take immediate steps to protect our environment.

Breaking the rules

The question, which comes to my mind is, why people are going wild, what is prompting them to take action in such a manner? There can be many generalizations; however, a few things that had help make the difference include:

Awareness: The media has played a very important role linking the world and bringing everybody together for a cause. The awareness with respect to environment has shown variety of results bringing major issues to limelight including livelihood rights, pollution led damage and its control, sustainability and many more. Various environment awareness campaigns have taken place to make more and more people aware.

Technology: As our technology is progressing very fast, people do know how our environment was in the past and what will be the future, if certain immediate steps are not taken. Scientific research has revealed more truths about global warming and its impact on humanity. Therefore, people are hyper and enthusiastic to do something to save the environment.

Zeal: Today each one of us has the zeal to do something for the environment. We are in no mode to remain armchair activists. People have the passion to be the part of the green movement.

Dedicated Programs: Other green programs, including educating small children about the changing efforts of global warming, making people aware through movies, sending environmental message and training people how to utilize the resources they have, like switching off lights when not in use, had made a considerable dent on the psyche of the people.

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