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Eco-friendly fashion on the rise in Argentina


Argentina’s constant uncertain economy certainly did not do any good to its citizens, but it at least taught them to survive with whatever they possess. An astonishing creative culture has shaped up, which is the outcome of the resilience and imagination of the people of Argentina. A culture where innovation and creativity are presented under one roof. Enduring this creative culture Argentine designers are now merging technology and fashion in a completely new and eco-friendly manner. Though the concept of a green lifestyle is fairly a new one for Argentina non the less things have started changing in recent times and has changed for the better. The country is lacking behind in area like education and implementation of environmentally friendly policies but the enthusiastic Argentines have started adapting to this way of life really soon.

Indarra DTX blends fashion and technology in an eco-friendly way:

Indarra DTX, a company owned by a 37 year old lady named Julieta Gayoso excels in blending fashion with technology. A lot of thought has gone into naming the company. Indarra is a Basque word that mean ‘energy’ and the company is named such because the main objective was to mesh technology and fashion in a way that advances the functionality of clothing. Accommodated in a massive warehouse that also behaves like a storeroom for a supermarket, it has a spacious workspace and a small area in the corner for meetings and fashion fittings.


Indarra is known for making eco-friendly jackets. These sleek jackets are made from eco-friendly materials, like Lyocell and bamboo fibers. FV Module Jacket, which comes with a solar panel attached to its back, is a fascinating piece of art. The panel attached to the jacket produces energy by absorbing the sunlight. The energy generated can be used to power your Ipod or charge your cell phone.

Baumm bring eco-friendly fashion to life:

A recycle and design company named Baumm specializes in creating trendy eco-friendly bags and wallets. The company housed on the second floor of a redecorated old home in the Villa Crespo neighborhood of Buenos Aires is co-owned by Lukas Desimone and Rodrigo Chapero. The name of the company itself is a depiction of the company’s aim. Baumm, which means ‘tree’ in German aims at producing hip and at the same time eco-friendly messenger bags and wallets from the vinyl used in billboards.


With changing scenario the practices of getting material to make the bags and wallets has also changed. When they first started, the material was obtained by literally ripping old street advertisements, but now people have been hired to bring the material to them. These trendy, colorful and unique bags are hand-crafted and exhibit true craftsmanship. These bags cost around some $30 each.

We are giving new life to something we take out of the trash,

says Chapero.

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