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Drastic reduction in fish population due to globalization

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Oceans have always been a major source of food for people from ancient times. The large-scale fisheries and exploitation of sea life by fishing companies has lead to drastic reduction in the population of many fish. One of the reasons for this appalling situation could be globalization. Shocking as it may seem, 25% of the world’s known fish species are on the brink of extinction thanks to over fishing. Tuna and cod are facing survival threats and unfortunately nobody seems to be interested in taking the responsibility. Nobody is able to predict the consequences of a damaged oceanic ecological system either.

Governments have banned fishing in certain areas and also certain fish populations are protected. EU pays $61 million to Greenland every year so that Germany can continue fishing in its waters. Germans prefer their fish frozen and hence giving fishermen ample time to fish elsewhere, and ruin the ecological system there. Germany is just an example. Most developed countries and also the third world countries must be blamed for this drastic decrease in the populations of fish. The European Union’s strategies have been one of hypocrisy. While seemingly green and environmental friendly, in a covert manner, EU has been allowing governments and industries to undertake large-scale fishing in foreign seas as well. This probably could be due to the free trade policies and also due to globalization that fishing companies have brazenly continued to exploit the oceanic populations.

If the present scenario continues most species that we know today on our platter would cease to exist and their extinction would invariably affect other species of plants and fish as well. Illegal, Unregistered and unregulated fishing is a major cause for concern. Some kind of monitoring has to be brought in to place. Rising sea temperatures themselves have done a lot of damage to oceanic fauna. Now, one can just wait and watch if something could be done in order to protect the fish populations from being exploited until extinction. A solution would be to not let foreign companies to fish in alien waters as globalization has been a major reason for today’s fishing worries.
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Via: Spiegel

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