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DIY Green Guide

Stools are an important constituent of furniture for every home, as they are not just easy to use but also add versatility to the sitting area. Even though there is a wide range of stools available in the market, we […]

pallet furniture

Preserving food items such as fruits, vegetables, and meat people have been practicing since ages. They used to air dry food items that were not that clean way and it used to take much more time than a solar drying

Preserving food

Whether it is your indoor or outdoor garden, waste stuff can be recycled here in many creative ways. A common waste product available in every home is the egg carton that usually goes into a waste bin, thus polluting the

Waste egg cartons

It is very important to pay attention to make your kitchen greener if you wish to provide good health to your family, as well as the environment. Several things in your kitchen may be loaded with chemicals that lead to

cut down your kitchen waste

If you are also the one who is seeking to have some compost ready as early as possible, then here is some good news for you. Now, you can even make your own compost within just two weeks. It is

DIY Method of having compost ready in two weeks

Over 30 million pounds of clothes and textiles end up in landfills around the world annually. As an individual who cares for the environment, you would need to do your bit to prevent this from happening. And one way to

creating fashionable slipper socks from old sweaters and towels

Living in a high rise apartment will leave you with little or no outdoor space to grow a garden. However, that does not necessarily mean you need to give up your green thumb. There are plenty of ways you can

Gardening tips on the balcony

A lush green lawn is a perfect addition to your beautiful home. However, maintaining a lawn is no easy task. Not many homeowners realize that the majority of lawn care solutions tend to be harsh on the environment. So what

green ways to a beautiful green lawn

While a commercial car wash is more eco-friendly than you doing it at home, you should still try to go greener if you decide to wash a car yourself. Some people believe that car wash cannot be done at home

eco-friendly car wash

Every year, landfills across the world are filled up with trash thrown out from homes. The sad part is that most of these items can serve a purpose with just little bit of recycling and re-purposing. Before you throw out

eco-friendly products from recycled everyday items
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