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Most disgusting alcohol shots to try, then blame the puke on ingredients

Liquid Steak

<![CDATA[You love drinking but you like trying new shots every time you hit a new pub then you are going to love this article. The alcohol shots that you are going to find in the following list are not like those normal good tasting shots, rather they are the ones that are promising enough to make the drinker sick at least for some time. Scroll through to find out some of the most disgusting and bizarre alcohol shots you can ever come across:

Prairie Oyster

This shot tastes disgusting and looks even more disgusting. It seems to be a perfect shot you can buy to take revenge or just to tease your friend. It is for sure that anybody who takes in this gross shot will puke it out because it is just not possible to hold this sickening combination of Tabasco sauce, a raw egg, and one part bourbon inside your tummy. Even after puking, its sickening effect does not go away easily.

Infected Whitehead

Oh gosh, the mere sight of this shot is so nauseating and let alone its intake. To make this super nauseating shot, you need to mix one part vodka with Bloody Mary mix, and then add some cottage cheese, and you are ready to have stomach-churning drink. The moment you gulp down the first sip of this chunky shot you will start feeling something wrong, and a few more sips are enough to take it all out.

New Jersey Turnpike Shot

This is the filthiest and the dirtiest shots one could ever dare to have. The key ingredient and material for this shot is the scummiest bar mat or rag.

Liquid Steak

Liquid Steak

This is a super crazy combination of rum and Worcestershire sauce. For a meat lover it is an ideal shot but vegetarians can also have it because the drink has nothing to do with real steak. For a vegetarian this drink is gross because it looks exactly like steak but in reality is not a steak. You can play a fun-filled prank on your vegan friend that he has had steak, whereas in reality it was just a rum and Worcestershire sauce concoction.

Bloody Tampon

This shot has nothing real to do with bloody tampons but its red color surely reminds the drinker of the filthy blood-filled tampon. It is a mixture of tomato juice and vodka.]]>

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