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Did the 37,500-year-old baby mammoth die from global warming?


The gargantuan hairy-tasked mammoths — once roamed on the face of the earth — hold a close relation to our modern day elephants. The mammoths were the last known giant creatures that lived on earth. These creatures were present even 4-thousand-years back during the dawn of human civilization. But, what caused the extinction of the mammoths is not clear to the scientists.

Some claim, human hunters obliterated these beasts from our planet. Others claim, the mammals fell victim to global warming. but, soon, the truth behind the extinction of the mammoths will be unraveled by scientists in Japan!

It was in May last year, the frozen remains of a 6-month-old mammoth calf was discovered in northern Siberia’s Yamal-Nenets autonomous region. The ice had kept the baby mammoth in an almost intact condition. The mammoth seemed to have not died from any external injury — and that has raised doubt whether global warming that occurred after the last Ice Age was responsible for the animal’s death!

The carcass of the 37,500-year-old mammoth has been preserved and computer tomography scan has been done on the body to reveal its internal organs. The air samples in the animal’s lung will also be analyzed to reveal the climatic condition of the era.

The mammoth, named Lyuba, is sure to throw significant light on what the future hold for the human race from global warming.

Image: national geographic

Source: yahoo

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