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Developing a Personalized Approach to Health and Fitness

Personalized Approach to Health and Fitness

Many individuals skim over one critical fitness element when getting in shape: finding a workout routine that meshes well with their personality. While any exercise routine is better than not working out at all, heading to the gym and transforming your physique doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all dogmatic approach.

Rather than following the crowd, dare to stand out and form a personalized routine that helps you lose weight and motivates you to push through plateaus on the distant horizon. And if you need a little help getting creative with your workout routine, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what to consider when starting.

Define Your Expectations and Goals

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Let’s be honest with ourselves: While saying that we want to “tone up our biceps” is a harmless statement, it’s too vague to hold merit. Instead, how many inches, or for you non-American folk, centimeters, would you like to grow your arms?

Moreover, rather than saying you want to lose weight and get in shape, define what those goals mean to you. Would losing 5 pounds change your world for the better, or do you need to lose upwards of 50 pounds or more? Although these questions may seem pointless, it helps you materialize your goals and align your actions to make them become part of your reality.

Once you understand the bigger picture behind your aspirations, it’s time to seek facilities that provide tools and machines to help you along the way. Finding top-rated gyms in San Diego and other major cities on your favorite search engine will showcase the atmosphere each gym incorporates into its design.

If your goal is to find a pilates studio, joining a gym with the name “iron asylum” may not be the solution for you. All jokes aside, always research gyms in your location and see if they can provide the tools needed for your goals. Trust us: customizing a fitness routine is much easier to accomplish when you have the proper facility.

Personality Types

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Would you label yourself as a social creature who thrives in a crowd of people or an individual who loves getting lost in a book while sipping tea? While neither of these personality types is “wrong,” each individual requires unique stimuli to achieve their long and short-term goals.

Although there’s more nuance to each personality type, we’ve condensed workouts into two distinct categories: workout ideas for extroverts and exercises for introverts. And if you’re feeling a bit spicy, feel free to try Knox gym classes, workout, or framework from the opposing group. For introverts, consider these options:

  • Swimming
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Solo spin classes
  • Cardio-machine workouts
  • Long-distance running and jogging
  • Weight lifting

And for our extroverted friends, don’t worry — we didn’t forget about you. Here are some fitness domains to achieve the body of your dreams while interacting with like-minded individuals:

  • CrossFit
  • Group yoga
  • Marathon training
  • Self-defense classes
  • Dance studios

And if you don’t know where to start in your fitness journey, grab a friend and get the party started! New data surrounding partner-based exercising shows individuals who take a close friend, family member, or romantic partner with them into their gym are more likely to stay committed to their goals, improve their motivation and procrastinate less.

Practice Makes Perfect


When creating your personalized workout routine, you must understand that it will take time to perfect your ideal framework. Rather than becoming discouraged or procrastinating on your goals and dreams, pivot and try something new.

Our rule of thumb should be to experiment with your workouts in 1-week intervals; when you find a gym, class, or routine you’re excited to perform, keep it for the long term. Conversely, if you dread putting on your workout clothes and getting into your gym, ditch your approach and try something new.

Consistently maintaining an exercise routine is challenging enough, so why force yourself into frameworks you don’t enjoy? If you keep these ideas in mind while forming a personalized fitness schedule, you can’t go wrong.

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