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Develop the art buying genuine antique wooden furniture by just looking at it

Buying antique furniture is an art that requires immense knowledge and a sharp eye. Some people are blessed with the ability to buy such furniture by just looking at it. It takes a lot of experience and immense knowledge to spot the perfect type of furniture and to guess its age accurately. Generally, when any furniture is older than 30 years of age; it is considered as antique furniture. However, for some people an antique piece of furniture is considered as 50 years and not 30 years.

Furniture that adds true value to your house

The best part of such furniture is that when you have even one of these in your house, it will uplift the place on its own. The detailing in such work is a notable mention. Fans of antique wood and woodcraft love such furniture because of its sturdiness and durability.

Even the quality of the wood used for the manufacturing of such pieces is very different from what you get today. The choice of this kind of home decoration depends purely on what the person likes. You can mix and match the pieces to bring in a new look to your house. But how can one spot a true good quality antique piece? Read on to find out.

It is all about research

The first and foremost factor that determines how you buy antique furniture is based on the knowledge you have. A person needs to do extensive research on the different types of wood there is and was in the market during a particular year or era. Apart from that, you also need to know how to determine the age of the wood based on the visible rings.

Choosing the wood based on its age

In order to determine the age of the wood used, a person would need to inspect the wood closely. The surface irregularities give you the biggest hint. Along with that, even the style of the design speaks volumes about its age. The type of wood used such as oak, teak, rosewood etc also helps you to determine its authenticity and age.

Determine if it is retro or vintage furniture

There is a clear difference between retro and vintage furniture. When you take look at retro furniture, it is from a particular time in history. On the other hand, vintage or antique furniture is more based on the age of the piece. The brand name does not hold that much of importance; however, it is more about the good bones that are there in the piece.

Buying vintage furniture without making a hole in your pocket

It is always advisable never to go for a complete furniture set. This often tends to become very expensive. Instead of that, it is better to opt for single pieces. This way you can mix and match a variety of collections and get a better deal. No doubt, having an entire set does have its own benefits; but for that, you have to be good at bargaining so that you do not end up paying more than what is needed.

Inspection of the furniture with a close eye

Before buying any piece of furniture, it is always advisable to inspect it closely. Look out for finer details such as the type of varnish, lacquer and surface finish to help you out. It is not possible to do any kind of testing if it is in the store but there are a few tricks on that front.

The type of wood used is the biggest clue

Every era had its own specialties. The same is applicable with the wood used for furniture making. For example, oak wood furniture generally dates back before the 1700. If the wood is walnut or mahogany, then it is post 1700. Even the work or craftsmanship plays a vital role.

Some other ways to determine such pieces

You can determine the age of any furniture based on the accessories and materials used on it. If there are solid brass pulls or wooden accessories that have been used on the wood; the thickness of such materials play a vital role. Even the odor from the furniture can help you out. If there is freshness in the fragrance of the wood that means it is comparatively new.

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