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Decorating ideas for a small patio


In earlier days, people were blessed with big flowing lawns and large porches  to enjoy great outdoors. However, due to increasing space problems in urban setting and the real estate prices, many homeowners nowadays have a small balcony or patio as a means of enjoying the open air. However, the job of decorating this small space can be both challenging and fun. While decorating a small patio, you should always  carefully choose the kind of décor.  Given below are some ideas that can help you decorate your small patio area and make the most of your small areas.

Furniture ideas:

While selecting the furniture for your little outdoor space, the foremost thing to be kept in mind is the size of your patio and thus the scale of the furniture to be purchased. Since large furniture pieces can  make your small space look overstuffed, therefore consider adding small sized furniture like benches or seating with low backs and simple lines. Add double duty furniture pieces like ottomans that can be used for storing thing and also perform the function of a table or you can also use furniture that can be folded and kept aside when not in use. As for the material, you can go with wood, wicker or plastic, whichever you like.

Plant ideas:

For small patios, you can go with container gardens that can accent small outdoor areas pretty well. Opt for landscapes and flowers that provides color texture and height to your little garden. Avoid bulky plants that take up almost all of the small patio area. Also avoid plants with strong scents and choose the ones that give a pleasing aroma. You can also choose planters that can be  either hung from the ceiling or on backrests attached to the wall, thus freeing enough of the floor space.

Décor ideas:

Accessorizing your patio is one of the important factors to be considered while decorating your small garden. You can start with lighting . Although lighting of any sort is required during the night, but it is also an ornament to your little outdoor space, you can go with different kinds of outdoor lighting of different designs or can choose simple and inexpensive solar lights. Choose light or neutral shades of the color of furniture and for accenting it make use of dark fabrics. You can also enhance the little patio by making use of wind chimes and small water feature.

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