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When should my daughter start to wear make-up?

It is no surprise that tweens and girls in their early teens are attracted to make-up. They are constantly exposed to images of women who are perfectly groomed, right from their blow-dried hair to manicured toenails, in billboard advertisements, television and movies and even at the local news stand with hundreds of glossy magazines and newspapers carrying such images. Even if you have managed to discipline and abstain your daughter from being exposed to media, a girl is most likely to fall in love with the make-up she sees her mother, her aunt or even her school teacher use. Because this attraction is so strong, the girl is naturally curious to try it out on herself. The need to wear make-up is heightened when she sees her peers wearing make-up. Therefore, the first thing that the mother of a make-up curious teenage daughter needs to understand is not how to stop your daughter from wearing make-up, but how to let her wear make-up in a healthy, age-appropriate manner.

1. Build self-esteem.

The whole reason for applying make-up at all ages is to look better. Even if one is blessed with a healthy skin and attractive features, make-up can still make one look more attractive. However, as a mother it is important for you to ensure that you let your daughter feel just as good about herself without make-up. For this, make sure that she does not wear make-up on a daily basis. Allow her to wear make-up on special occasions, where she has to “dress-up”. This way she will learn to be comfortable in her natural skin. She will see applying make-up as a playful activity that is reserved for only rare occasions.

2. Teach her the virtue of maintaining good skin and hair.

A lot of young girls wear make-up to hide acne, freckles and other blemishes. However, these are not permanent problems, nor should they attempt to hide them. Instead, teach them how a healthy lifestyle, skin care and hair care can solve their skin and hair problems, so that they won’t even need make-up. Healthy habits should be formed at an early age to last a lifetime. As she sees the results for herself, she won’t even feel the need to wear make-up.

3. Let her use age-appropriate make-up.

A teenage girl does not need to use foundation on her face. Teenagers generally have oily skin. Let her CTM- cleanse, tone, moisturize and then apply some compact powder. She should also not be using blushes, bronzers, highlighters etc. She can use tinted lip balms and lipsticks and glosses in nude shades. Do not let her use attention-seeking shades like red and plum. Allow her to use eye-shadows, but only for those special events for which she needs to dress up. She can use eye-liner, but make sure you also buy her a make-up remover so that she removes all make-up before going to sleep.

4. Make her earn her make-up.

Make-up products are very expensive. Do not buy your daughter make-up just because she asks for it. Make her do household chores or take up a part-time job to earn her make-up. This is a great way to teach her responsibility, as well as the value of things. Again, see that she buys drugstore products. These are inexpensive and the perfect tools for her to learn how to apply make-up.

5. Do not allow your daughter easy access to your own make-up.

If you are fond of make-up yourself, do not allow your daughter to use your things. Also, never paint her like a supermodel. Your daughter should be and act her age, not yours. It is better for her to have(and earn) her own make-up rather than have you providing her with high-end products that do not suit her.

6. Encourage her to have hobbies that do not necessitate her looking good.

A daughter is most likely to rebel in myriad ways(one way being wearing too much make-up) if you make her abstain from everything that she enjoys. Instead, introduce her to other fun activities. Encourage her to take dance classes, go camping, take up sports, swimming or volunteering, whatever might interest her. Have her help out with cooking or fixing the car. Teach her that there is more to life than trying to impress people with one’s physical features. With all these steps, she will learn how to use(and not abuse) make-up in a way that is most suitable for her.

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