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For dads: Hosting a play-date

Play-dates are fun for little ones as they start to understand that socializing, sharing and playing are the real meaning of it. Play-dates are usually hosted by mothers to add after school activities for their kids. Dads can host a successful palydate too. Setting up a play date for your child is an excellent way of enhancing a father and a child relationship. Some playdate rules are given below to make the day interesting and safe for your child and also for other kids.

1. Organize a pick up and a drop time for the kids. Before you do that, make sure it suits the comfort of other parents. You don’t need to thrash your plans to match the comfort of other parents.

2. Keep a diary in hand. Make sure you have emergency contact numbers noted down in the diary. Note down the contact numbers of the parents dropping their child at your place for a play-date. You are dealing with kids and hence you do not know when these contacts come handy.

3. Provide the kids with healthy snacks between the play-date hours and avoid pizzas and other fast foods. Make sure you let all the parents know what you will be serving to the kids with. Also, ask the parents to let you know of their child is allergic to a specific food.

4. Keep loads of toys available for kids to play with. Kids love different toys. They will have a gala time with different toys given to them. Make sure the toys are well sanitized and cleaned before you let the kids play with them.

5. If it’s your child’s first play-date, do not force your child to start playing with other kids at once. Kids around 2 to 3 years of age take a while to adjust with other kids or playmates. Give them their time to adjust. Be with your child on his play-date and let him observe. Once he understands, he will definitely join other kids.

6. No movies for the kids. A play-date is for kids to enjoy playtime at your place and not get glued in front of the television set. Besides a number of parents are very specific about what their child watches on the TV. Well, if you organize a specific show for the kids its different. Just make sure of what the kids are watching. Of course if you have a night out at your place you can arrange a small kid’s show for them.

7. If your child is unwell, down with a cold or flu, cancel the play-date immediately. Your child will not be able to enjoy the play-date and you will also be scared of the cold and flu being spread to other kids.

8. Avoid setting a play-date in the flu season. Cold and flu spreads fast and you definitely don’t want all other kids to fall sick.

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