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Customize your living space by choosing innovative color schemes

Colors contribute to the overall wellbeing, look and feel of the house. This is the fastest and best way to give your house a makeover without lifting a needle. The color combinations you choose should reflect your personality in every way possible. While choosing colors for the living space, you have to keep in mind the layout, size and shape of the space so that you can make the right choice. Here are a few color schemes that will help you to get a head start.

For the foyer and entrance of the living room

You can choose different shades of pink and make your foyer look beautiful and elegant. For the charming effect a nice chandelier, you can also choose to have blue and white decor with brass or copper color accessories. A nice neutral color carpet will also blend in perfectly with this look.

Make it a blend of neutral and wild

The all white kitchen will always be one of the best choices. If you want to break away from the class look, you can opt for this soft balance. Colors like light bottle green, golden yellow, theory orange or even the sand color will make a nice impression.

The Magenta and green fever

The latest comedy that designers prefer includes the colors of magenta and natural green. The two toned look of Magenta walls with classic white color ceiling is what you can get started with. Neutral green colored furniture is a perfect choice for this combination for your flooring. Artistic and small printed design works blend really well with this concept.

Time to play with two extreme

You also have the choice to make your living room airy, bright, cozy, and dark. Different shades of Brown added with a touch of black. Different shades of brown are the wall and ceiling color choices. If you have a staircase in the living room, you can opt for nice black and brown wooden floors. This will make your space cozy. The furniture option and color theme to go with this concept includes white korma silver grey, wooden furniture and a solid color carpet flooring.

The royal look of purple and white

Another beautiful choice to add elegance to your living room. You can choose floral white colored paper with lavender dose and light lavender furniture. Other viable option would be to stick with a soft tone of purple on the walls and blend it with attach of white and neutral color furniture to go along. Lighting fixtures using match color silver grey will add a little elegance to your overall look. Using gold metal decor along with real or natural plants is another scheme you can incorporate while designing the living room. 

Play with orange, pink and white

If you want to take your living room to a brighter and softer, this combination will suit your preference. The blend of orange and white walls with a touch of pink will make narrow and longer living room a beautiful look. For the shorter ones, you can consider pink walls with white border and a touch of orange furnishing to make it look a little big.

It is all about the blue

Different shades of blue can bring the life to your living room. For the walls, consider the lighted tones of this amazing color with a touch of any of the classic shades of white. Your furnishing can include turquoise blue, sea blue, peacock blue and not to forget the classic white. The fixtures can include the elegance of gold or silver depending on how you want to decorate your living room.

Tranquil shades give the relaxing feel

Tranquil shades an ideal for people who have a very stressful life. The calmness and rejuvenating effects of these colors is an ideal choice to refresh you when you come back from a hard day’s work. Do not forget to blend in some mutual colors for your furnishing to get the maximum feel of being in the midst of the paradise that you call your home. This concept will truly work well when you want to focus on your overall wellness.

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