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Crazy smart home gadgets you didn’t know you needed

Your smart home is ever thirsty for gadgets and gizmos. Here is a list of gadgets that you probably didn’t know about. We are pretty sure that you would want to bring home at least some of them.

Fibaro – Door/Window sensor

The gadget will not only sense the opening and closing of the doors and windows but also serve as a temperature sensor, scene switch and an entry sensor. When used as a door/window system the Fibaro can act as an intruder alarm, inform the central intelligent system, which will initiate an action accordingly.

This device can be connected to a wall switch and utilized to control other devices. A temperature sensor can be attached to it, which would sense the temperature and give the feed back to the central intelligence system.

Petcube – Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

The camera is capable of connecting to the home Wi-Fi and is compatible with Android and iOs smart devices. You can be connected with your pet at home using the Petcube camera and your smartphone.

There is a built-in laser toy to play with your pet, and it is claimed to be safe for your loved animal. The camera streams an HD video and the inbuilt speaker and microphone helps you interact with your pet. Through the smart app, you can play with other pets too and share access to your pet as well.

Self-heating coffee mug

The ‘nano’ heating mug is an innovation that you will want in your home, office and car. The love of its feature will make you take it along with you or keep a separate one at different places. There will be a handle free version for keeping in the car. The mug can contain 16 oz of tea or coffee and maintain its temperature between 155 to 160 °F for about 45 minutes.

Interestingly, the mug uses a patented technology called NanoHeat that differentiates it from the rest of the similar gadgets. The best part is that the mug is charged by USB and the company also provides a wireless charging plate. Once fully charged the mug will keep at least seven fills warm for you.


You might have been waiting for such an innovation from quite some time. This one will brew beer for you, they call it the ‘world’s smartest personal brewery’. Brewing beer is no child’s play, it’s an art. The smart app for the brewing machine has thousands of recipes and it tells you when to do what. You just need to keep the ingredients handy and put them in the machine when the machine prompts you to. The joy will be supreme when the app tells you that the beer is ready.

LilyPad Wi-Fi pool thermometer

Now this is a thermometer for your pool, which is Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth enabled and gets hooked to your Android and iOS smart devices. The gadget has a smart UV sensor as well. You can know the temperature of the pool and the UV intensity from the Lilypad app on your smartphone or tablet. The manufacturer Vigilant claims the four AA size batteries that power the gadget will last four months.

The gadget and the app after judging the UV intensity will advise you on the SPF, considering your skin type. Skin diseases, especially melanoma cancer are the harmful effects of the excessive Ultra Violet rays. With the help of the app, you will know what type of protection you need, before going in the sun.

These gadgets may be slightly off-beat, but if you have use for them, you’ll love them. These crazy gadgets for your smart home will definitely suit your style.


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