Cool Green Mat for your bathroom: Not available yet!

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If you love to see green around but live far from parks and nature areas, you’ll surely miss a corner of nature in your apartment. If so, designer Nguyen La Chanh from Switzerland comes out with a new way to grow plants inside your house. Nguyen designs a mat, made of moss, to make you feel in the lap of nature. Yes, the mat made of moss doesn’t even need much care and survives only with the water that drips down your body while you step out of the bath. The mat is spongy and doesn’t even stink when wet. This particularly natural, squashy mat measures 2.4 in each in diameter and comprises 70 pieces of ball. So, let this practical green product be a part of your bath accessories for a little more than $300 USD. Not sure about the exact price as it still seeks production.

Via: Telegraph

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