How to control children’s internet addiction

child's internet addiction

Kids these days get easily accustomed to the digital world. You need not teach them how to explore the virtual world on the internet. They understand it since they are anxious and curious about the vast world of internet. However, many parents still remain to be less educated about internet and how to use it. Moreover, you cannot be passive viewers of your kids who are engaged on the internet full time. It is not only addictive but is dangerous too. It can harm the child’s emotional development, thus causing it physical danger. Basically, it is necessary to know what the kids are up to on the internet.

Open communication:

Before the kids get addicted to the internet, it is important to talk to them about the pros and cons of using it. They should be advised about the safety measures to be used while on the internet. Discussing with kids about the websites they visited and telling them what’s inappropriate is necessary.

Introduce them to websites:

You can participate in their internet exploration by suggesting them some safe websites where they can entertain themselves. Moreover, it is essential to let them know that exposure to harmful content is not good for them and hence their internet exposure should be within certain limits that you have marked for them. You can always help them log on to sites which are fun and yet safe. Discussing with teachers or understanding what other parents are doing in this matter can also be helpful.

Place the computer where the screen will be visible to you:

It is essential to place the computer in the house in such a place where it is visible to all. This will help you keep an eye on the child’s activity while they are online. Moreover, always allot a certain time period for the kids to browse the internet. This will help keep their curiosity and addiction in control.

Family activity:

Sit along with your child and help them browse sites, which they are looking for. Moreover, you can thus teach them what’s good for them and what’s not.

Downloading rules: 

Make it strict for the kids to not download anything from the internet without your permission. Many a times plug-ins, programs etc can be a harm to your own privacy as well as a virus threat to your computer. This should be conveyed to the kids.


Understanding what the kids do on the internet is important. In addition explaining them the pros and cons of internet usage too is essential.

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