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Conceptual 3D printed house mimics the growth of human bones

Here is what a 3D printed house might look like. Conceptualized by Softkill Design of London, the ProtoHouse is a concept house with a web-like structure that is designed to be 3D printed first and then put together on the site. The unique house structure uses an algorithm, which mimics human bones growth to deposit material where required in order to create a fibrous web structure instead of the traditional solid covering. Since the house is entirely exposed from the outside, rain and snow can permeate the honeycomb shape. Unlike regular buildings, the waterproofing and insulation for the ProtoHouse is done on the inside rather than outside.

The 3D printed house has 31 sections, which have been made with a large 3D printer. A flatbed truck will be used to transport these sections to the site. Moreover, all the sections have been designed to connect with each other without the need for any adhesives during the on-site assembly. Aaron Silver of Softkill Design cites that 3D printing could help us create inexpensive buildings using less materials. The team at Softkill Design is working on printed curtains that will work as interior membrane surfaces or waterproof paneling for the exteriors.

Currently, they have the prototype of the 3D printed house at 1:33 scale, but Aaron  said that they would like to go for a larger scale prototype. Softkill Design is run by a London based team of architects and designers, which includes Nicholette Chan, Gilles Retsin, Aaron Silver and Sophia Tang.

Via: Dezeen/Co.Design

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