Common jobs you could ‘outsource’ to your mobile phone

It is not just lighting, thermostat, and security devices in your home that you can control and monitor through your Smartphones. A wide assortment of other functions you can stop doing manually because the same you can do with your Smartphone. Here are some of such functions that you can do easily using your phone, rather than doing them on your own.

Monitor garden watering


Rachio is a lawn care startup that designed Iro, a smart sprinkler controller for your garden. You require a Wi-Fi connection in your home to which Iro connects to and then you can control it from anywhere with the help of an app on your Smartphone. You can set up Iro easily in just three simple steps. First, remove your existing irrigation controller, then install Iro in its place, and finally download the Iro app on your Android and iOS device.

It is such a great help for people who desire to save water wastage in their gardens, as it schedules itself strictly to meet water requirement and no wastage. It takes into consideration local weather conditions, which play a great role saving water wastage in the garden. For instance, if Iro senses that it is about to rain in a while, it just would not let its sprinklers run, thus, saving water and your money altogether.

It helps you conserve water and motivates you to eliminate water wastage by sending you your monthly water usage reports. It stops working at times of power failure because it does not have any power backup. However, it continues working even if your Wi-Fi system crashes, as it uses last schedule programmed by you.

Washing machines and dryers

Young woman or housekeeper has laundry day at home, she takes the out of the washing machine or the dryer

Technological advancement is doing wonders for human existence, as it keeps coming up with surprises that all aim to make our lives convenient. Washing machines come with sixth Sense Live Technology that makes machines so smart that they just do not require human intervention for their functioning. You can order them remotely via your Smartphone, they do all the washing, and drying and that too while saving water and electricity.

Audio devices

wireless speakers

The audio and Blu-ray home entertainment systems are so advanced that they allow you to connect your device to them and amp up your music experience. You can fill the sound in every room with the help of wireless speakers that make a home ideal for a music enthusiast without making the place look cluttered with all the wires hanging and looking messy. There is no need to change tracks or adjust speaker volumes by going to the music system every time because all this you can do sitting at one place through your Smartphone.

Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Mothers usually have hard time bringing up their baby, especially when there is no one else to help. Mother’s keep running the entire day from their babies to kitchen, to outdoors in order to do all household chores. Babies need special care and attention, which mothers can only give if they have enough time or they have some help that does other household chores. If not, then this Wi-Fi baby monitor sis what serves as a great help for mothers.

You just have to install the camera above baby’s crib and connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Once done, you can connect to the camera with your internet-connected phone and have a close view of your baby from anywhere you want. Suppose you are in some other room doing some work while your baby is sleeping in another room, the camera alerts you immediately when your baby wakes up so that you run up to him at the earliest.

Besides controlling smart door locks, lighting and thermostats from your phone, you can control numerous other things as well to make your life even more convenient.


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